Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 Favourite Lush Products

I have no idea when I started to use LUSH products, but probably sometime after I moved to Vienna five years ago (FIVE YEARS! When did I get so old? I really have no idea what happened here), and especially after a former work colleague and friend started working at a LUSH store. Ever since she started working there, I am visiting regularly because it's just so nice to browse around in a LUSH store with somebody who is not overly pushy (I know it's not the workers fault, it's the stupid store policy) but still knows everything about the products.

Since LUSH has a pretty big range of products, I thought it would be nice to list my personal five favourites in a post- I own and have tried more than the ones shown in the pictures, but these are the ones I reach for on a regular basis! On we go...

#1: GODIVA SHAMPOO BAR (10,45€/ 55g)
The concept of a solid shampoo was first introduced to me when I read a blog post about the Seanik shampoo bar, and I was very intrigued because I couldn't really imagine that it really worked. Godiva comes as a round little bar, it smells amaaaahzing, and is both shampoo and conditioner in one- and therefore great for travelling, you just need to bring a small container to store it in. Under water, it lathers up really well- you can either rub the whole thing (or chunks of it, as you can see i cut it into pieces so I can use them separately) over your scalp or foam it up between your hands and then apply it to your hair. The scent even lingers in your hair after washing, which I love.

#2: TEA TREE WATER (14,45€/ 250g)
The favourite of the favourites! Pretty sure it's the first LUSH product I ever tried- the Tea Tree Water, a toner that comes in a nifty spray bottle and in two different sizes. I usually buy the big one, since I know I'll use it up anyways because it's my favourite toner- anything that has tea tree in it is bound to be one of my favourites (I really need to write a post on the magic that is tea tree oil...). I like to spray it directly to my face in the morning, it's really refreshing and helps to wake me up, so that's a plus. I like to think that this stuff keeps my face pretty balanced, so I don't like to be without it. Right now, I'm also using Breath of Fresh Air, which has Aloe Vera in it, which I also like- I just love the Tea Tree Water even more! 

#3: GREASE LIGHTNING (9,95€/ 45g)
I have no idea why I haven't tried this sooner, because it's a pretty recent discovery actually. Grease Lightning is a spot treatment with a mixture of antibacterial ingredients (tea tree again! Notice a pattern?), and for me, this really works well! Previously I have relied on pure tea trea oil (I don't care that people say you should dilute the stuff, it works wonders as a spot treatment), but I have to say I keep reaching for Grease Lightning more and more instead. That probably has to do with the gel-like consistency, it feels really soothing on the skin and dries up blemishes really fast- would definitely recommend.

#4: DARK ANGELS (10,95€/ 100g)
Probably the second ever product I remember trying from LUSH, Dark Angels is an exfoliating face cleanser that's used by rubbing a small portion of it with a bit of water between your fingers and is then applied to the face and massaged in. Admittedly, this product is pretty abrasive, but that's what I like about it- once you scrub your face with it, it really feels clean and soft. Plus, it's meant to be used only once a week, so don't overdo it. I sometimes even use it as a peeling for my body (believe me, one jar of Dark Angels has more product in than you can use up in the recommended time) when I'm in the shower- but keep in mind, this stuff is black, and it can get really messy, so rinse right away!

#5: DREAM CREAM (20,95€/ 240g)
I sometimes get really itchy and dry skin (especially my arms), and I've heard really great things about the Dream Cream before, so I gave it a try and really liked it. It's pretty expensive for a body moisturiser, but it's really soothing on the skin and I really like the scent as well- it smells really herbal and natural in a way. I won't say that I absolutely need this in my stash at all times, but it's very nice to have anyways, and I'm halfway through my second tub now. Definitely a cult favourite for reasons!

What are your favourite LUSH products? Anything you really want to try but haven't got around to yet?

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