Friday, 11 July 2014

Festival Day

Today I'm going to a small music festival with my dad, and it's in the coolest location ever- it's called Burg Clam, and it's essentially a small castle in Upper Austria.
The lineup will be headlined by John Fogerty of the legendary CCR, who I've seen three years ago before in 2011 (also with my dad)- and since we had such a great time and try to go to at least one show together every year, we thought we'd go again this year! :)

The weather could definitely be better today, it's really cloudy and the possibility of rain is very likely (the joys of living in Austria ... the weather in July basically always sucks while June is usually really hot and sunny), so I've rummaged through the attic for my old Doc Martens in the hope that I won't have completely soaked feet at the end of the day. I really hope it won't rain too much, but right now it looks like we're going to get wet.

Whatever, it's about the music anyways today- and I'm really looking forward to hearing either Who'll Stop The Rain or Have You Ever Seen The Rain live (they're both favourites of mine), so who cares?
I'll definitely review the show tomorrow, since I really like blabbing about music when I'm not talking about makeup anyways.

Here we have a happily excited Tanja holding the tickets! (Excuse the mess that is my room in the background...)

Nothing special going on on my face (just that I think my browgame is pretty strong today, thanks MAC fluidline gelcreme), I actually didn't want to wear lipstick at all but I always feel like when it's so grey outside, I have to wear a bright lipstick to counteract the dullness of the weather- so hello there, MAC Lady Danger (okay, I might have also chosen it because it matches my shoes...).

I'm at my parent's house right now so I all I have to wear here is bandshirts, lots and lots of bandshirts, hence the Green Day shirt (which nobody will see anyway, yay rain jacket!).

I wanted to braid my hair, but I just washed it and it's just not happening- whatever, I just need it out of my face.

That's actually all for today, my dad and I will be off in an hour because we want to catch the earlier acts as well- I'll report back tomorrow! :)

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