Wednesday, 23 July 2014

KIKO Cosmetics Haul

Today my friend P. and I went shopping to one of Vienna's shopping malls, the Donauzentrum. It's not overly large but it has a nice selection of shops- I mostly go there because I really wanna check out what's new at the KIKO store and to visit a friend who works at Lush; but there lots of nice shops to have a look around in.

I have to say, I'm a very indecisive person so shopping with me is probably pretty annoying at times, but today I even treated myself to a few things!

Isn't this little makeup bag just the cutest? It's from a shop called Depot, and there was even one of these cute slouchy baskets made out of the same material that goes along with it- I'll have that coming up in another post, because obviously I needed both!

Other than that, I was really excited to visit the KIKO store- they have just so much stuff and I could spend hours in there browsing and swatching products. But what gets me really excited is the sale section, because they usually have past limited edition products on sale when I go there, and that's normally where I snatch some really cool products for half the price.

I picked up three things from the Boulevard Rock Collection which is on sale right now both in shops and online- check out the KIKO online store, they ship to a lot of different countries all over the world!

The first thing I got which I've been lusting after for a while now is the Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette in Addictive Song (8€, previously 13,90€), which first of all comes in an absolutely stunning packaging that even has a big mirror on the inside of the compact. I've already mentioned it before, but I think when it comes to limited edition packaging, KIKO really does an amazing job- it's always absolutely beautifully designed and really well-made. Total bargain for the price! The palette itself features two shimmery shades (the top dark plum and the highlighter shade) and three matte shades, which is another thing I love about KIKO- they always include matte shades in their palettes, which a lot of drugstore options unfortunatley lack. Very excited to use this palette soon- the shadows are insanely pigmented, so it should be fun!

Secondly, I got the Skinny Fit Kajal in 01 Intonation Shell (3€, previously 5,90€), the nude shade. I've been using the Rimmel Scandaleyes one for my waterline, but as it's getting really short and I can't replace it that easily because unfortunatley, we don't have Rimmel in Austria anymore. The whole pencil is longer than your usual kajal pencil, so you get more product for your money- I like!

The last thing I picked up from KIKO is the Boulevard Rock Face Brush (8€, previously 15,90€), which is a flat top kabuki style brush that will come in handy for blending in foundation, especially the more watery/runny kind. I can also see it working for powder or even bronzer, though. The brush itself is ridiculously soft, so I'm sure it will be a joy to use- they have a pretty big brush/other beauty tool collection at KIKO with good value for your money, so it's definitely something to check out as well.

Have you tried out KIKO products? Anything you like/recommend in particular? :)

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