Friday, 4 July 2014

Please allow me to introduce myself ...

... I'm a man of wealth and taste. 
(Haha, I wish. I just wanted a catchy title for this. Borrowed from The Rolling Stones, of course.)

So since I've been complaining for about a year after I clumsily dropped my old camera that I wanted a new one, but never really could afford buying one, my lovely lovely friends and family actually gave me a new one for my birthday last week.
Funnily enough my friends now are under the impression that I have no excuse anymore to not start a blog so I can ramble on and on about makeup and music ... so here we are.

First posts are always awkward (and so is this one), so how about 10 introductory facts about me and then we'll call it a day? Okay cool.

#1: The basics are covered in the sidebar, but whatever. Ten facts are a lot so why not cheat. My name is Tanja, I turned 23 on the 29th of June, I was born and raised in Austria and currently reside (that sounds so fancy) in our lovely capital, Vienna most of the time.

#2: I've studied English and American Studies and am now finishing up my MA degree in Anglophone Literatures and Cultures- therefore English is my preferred language of expression. I'm literally struggling with German sometimes at this point, haha.

#3: I've been quite obsessed with all things makeup and beauty for a while now, and I spend way too much time reading blogs and scrolling through my YouTube feed.

#4: I'm equally obsessed with music ever since I feel in love with a certain band called Green Day when I was 13. It baffles me to think that that was already ten years ago, but I digress... My biggest obsession right now is David Bowie, who also happens to partly be a topic of my MA thesis.

#5: The name "TanjaWhatsername" is stolen from Green Day's last track on American Idiot called Whatsername. I love the album, love the song, and I think it has a nice ring to it.

#6: I prefer cats over dogs. (Even though I have to admit that my friends do have cute dogs. I still prefer cats though :P)

#7: I also spend way too much time thinking about how Tilda Swinton is clearly a clone of David Bowie (she even confirmed that on reddit a few days ago, lol) and what king Karl Lagerfeld and queen Anna Wintour talk about in private. Also, I wonder what Karl's cat Choupette is up to right now. (You might think this is a joke, but a friend and I have vivid whatsapp discussions about this at least once a week.)

#8: I love purple lipstick. I cannot even describe my feelings when I read on Temptalia that MAC was making Heroine permanent.

#9: I'm noticing that I should have made this five facts instead of ten, because this is really hard.

#10: I really really hope I won't be as inconsequent as I've been in the past with this blog. I really enjoy writing, but somehow I kind of have a tendency to get ... bored? Working on myself, okay? There's always room for improvement, right?

Phew. All done. Talk to you soon!

(Why did I put a picture of these lovely roses here, you ask? Well, no reason, but they're pretty, and we all like to look at pretty things, right?) 

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