Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summertime Tunes: "Crossing the Rubicon" - The Sounds

On Friday, I went on a spontaneous day trip from Vienna to Salzburg with my two friends Pezi and Dani- so I've spent some hours on the train, and since trains are pretty packed on Fridays because of people commuting back to their hometowns for the weekend (plus it's obviously holiday season), we didn't really have the chance to sit together on the way back. That wasn't all too bad though, since I had my trusty iPod with me, and in a train full of noisy people, listening to music to drown them out is really the most relaxing thing you can do anyways.

A few posts back, I've shown you my summer playlist, which came in very handy during that train ride. As with most playlists you put together, there's of course certain songs that appeal to you even more than the rest of them when you're in a certain mood, and this day it was the music of The Sounds that really stood out to me the most.

So I thought to myself, why not write up a post about more summertime music? I'm not really good with stuff that's really popular right now, because I despise 80% of the stuff that's on Austrian radio- hipster alert!- so I'd like to go back to stuff that maybe isn't brand new, but still awesome to listen to. And here we are, with my album of choice for today's post: "Crossing the Rubicon" - by The Sounds.


#1: Female vocalists in rock bands rule. I've seen The Sounds live a few times before, and Maja Ivarsson is one badass bitch. Everything a male singer does at shows, she basically does looking fabulous and in killer heels. You go girl.

#2: This album ticks all boxes for summer: a little dancey, a little melancholy, a little nostalgic. Perfect for that "warm summer night" feeling (or a train ride..)- but maybe that's just me?

#3: Because it pleases the lyric lover in me. 

I could easily stay, and never come home
Looking out on the field like it's never been changed
The past is is a place that you can never return to
Even though people say that this is where you belong

#4: Because it's such a harmonious record. Nothing irritates me more than records that has a few hits but also a few misses on them, because it makes it hard to listen to them in one go without getting annoyed. With Crossing the Rubicon, it just... flows?

#5: If you're still not convinced, my three top picks from this record: 

Dorchester Hotel
Home Is Where Your Heart Is 

What's your favourite tunes to listen to this summer? I'd love for you to tell me, I love checking out new music! :) 

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