Sunday, 13 July 2014

Sunday Roundup

My first 1 and 1/2 week of blogging is completed!

I'm obviously still trying to get the hang of it all, but so far I'm really enjoying writing my own content on here. I've had blogs before in my teens, but I never really had a focus and used to just write about everything and nothing at all- I enjoyed it, but there always came a point where I kind of lost interest. So I'm really enjoying a fresh start now that I'm a few years older and actually know where my interests lie and what I want to express and share with you all.

I really hope that I can establish a routine that allows me to blog (almost) daily- as an avid blog reader myself, I love nothing more than seeing a bloglovin' feed full of new posts I can scroll through and devour. I might not be reading a lot of books these days, but blogs... all the time.

That being said, I thought I'd be a good idea to have at least one fixed post per week: a Sunday post to kind of reflect what happened during the week and what will be going on in the following days.
Not that my life is always that overly exciting, but you get the idea- after all it's nothing new, a lot of bloggers do these kind of posts and I always enjoy to read them myself.

#1 - My first music related posts have gone up this week- my review of a small one day festival I went to. Good times in the pouring rain! Read them here and here

#2 - Weekends at my parent's house always means cuddling our neighbour's cat, Zidane. He thinks he's ours. He never goes home. :D (My mum loves him so much, we like to tease her and say that she treats him better than anyone else in the house...)

#3 - What I lack in Vienna I get in my hometown, a garden and pretty flowers. I quite like living in a flat though. Flowers and plants die in my vicinity. #nogreenthumbwhatsoever

#4 - Our neighbours got themselves a new kitten today- his name is Bobbie. (I wanted to snatch him, put him into my handbag and take him to Vienna ... weirdly enough they said no?!)

#5 - The Sunday feast. Roasted duck, potato dumplings and red cabbage. Mama is the best and Austrian cuisine rocks. (And it reminds me that my fridge in Vienna is very, very empty as per usual.)

#6 - My face is in desperate need of a good scrub- Lush Dark Angels usually does the trick. Great stuff, pretty abresive though. 

That's all from me today- I'll spend the rest of the day relaxing (and doring boring things like laundry), so I suggest you do the same. Have a nice Sunday evening and a good start into the new week! :)

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