Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Guide to KIKO Nail Polishes

Let's talk about nail polish!
I haven't written about nail polish on this blog before- I wear nail polish all the time, but somehow it doesn't get me as excited as other beauty and makeup products, it's just something I apply without thinking too much about it.

For today's post, I wanted to write up a little guide to nail polishes by the brand KIKO. They have a really great range of different colours and finishes, and I find that they work pretty well for me in terms of staying power/not chipping all too fast.

From left to right, we have the 3 in 1 Mat Base/Top Coat that belongs to the nail care range, a deep plum shade from the regular Nail Lacquer range, a light blue with a Sugar Mat finish, a mint with a Cupcake finish and a dark purple/reddish tone from the Quick Dry Nail Laquer range.

Nail Care Range/ 3 in 1 Mat Base/Top Coat (4,90€)
This product can be used as both base or top coat, as the name already suggests. Either way, it will give you a matte finish which I think looks very cool over top of a bright coloured nail polish. As a base coat, it dries extremely fast and preps the nails for your coloured polish of choice. 

Nail Lacquer (2,90€)
I love the regular range of KIKO nail polish! They literally have every colour of the rainbow and they're often on offer for 1€, so they're really cheap. They actually last a pretty long time on my nails (even without base and top coat, I'm lazy like that!), so I can definitely recommend them.

Sugar Mat Nail Laquer (discontinued)/ Cupcake Nail Laquer (4,90€)
I'm putting these two into the same category because it looks like the Sugar Mat polishes are discontinued for now; however, the Cupcake Nail Laquers are practically the same- just that the shades have tiny multi-coloured "sprinkles" in them, hence the name Cupcake. I find that through the "rough" texture/finish they give, they last a long time without chipping- but they're also way harder to remove than your regular polish (not as hard as glitter polish though). If you're a fan of textured nail polish, go check them out!

Quick Dry Nail Laquer (3,90€)
I have two shades of the Quick Dry range, and I have to admit I'm not a fan. To me, they apply pretty streaky and are not opaque enough to give an even finish. With the shades of the regular line, most of them are opaque with one layer and will look wonderful with two, but I find with these ones, that is not the case. I say, skip the Quick Dry range and concentrate on the regular Nail Laquer range instead! 

These are just the nail products I have tried from the brand, but KIKO actually offers a much broader range than the ones I just reviewed for you; the whole range includes Magnetic Nail Laquers (+ magnets), a Nail Laquer Thinner, Glitter Top Coats, an array of Nail Care products (Stop Biting, Ultra Long, Strong Nails etc.) as well as different kinds of nail polish removers

So if you're a nail polish junkie, I'd definitely check out KIKO- either in store (if you have one near you) or online


  1. The Cupcake Nail Lacquer looks so pretty!

    1. They are! I have a minty one and one in white, and I loved them in spring/summer! :) Not sure if I'll be able to get wear out them in the colder months, they do look very spring-y in my opinion! :D But great products nonentheless!


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