Saturday, 9 August 2014

Austria News: MAC Pro Lipsticks now available in the regular line!

Attention, fellow Austrians: Just yesterday my friend Dani informed that the MAC Cosmetics newsletter- which I wasn't subscribed to before because I'm an idiot - said that the lipsticks of the MAC Pro range are now available in the regular line of products in Austria! Yay!

The shades now newly available for everyone are:
Peachstock, Show Orchid, Full Fuchsia, Neon Orange, Fusion Pink, Violetta, Sin, and Smoked Purple 

Personally, I'm very excited about this news- I already own Show Orchid and Violetta which were purchased in MAC pro stores abroad (we don't have one in Austria unfortunately), both extremely vivid colours (with an Amplified finish), one pink and one purple respectively. 

I'm not particularly interested in Peachstock, as colours like these normally look very weird on me (the only nude colour that works for me so far is a matte MAC offering, Kinda Sexy), but all the others are actually all catching my attention right now and will definitely be swatched at the next occasion. Since fall is approaching, I'm mostly interested in the darker hues, Sin and Smoked Purple- but I guess I'll also give the pink shades a try. 

Do you own lipsticks from the pro range? If yes, which ones? 

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