Monday, 11 August 2014

Flawless Albums: #1 - "Babel" by Mumford & Sons

As last week's posts have been very beauty content heavy, I thought I'd start the week of by talking about music again. And while I'm at it, why not start a series? So this really is the first installment of a string of posts that will discuss albums which (in my humble opinion) are flawless. 

So first up, in this list of albums that are awesome (in no particular order) we have Babel by Mumford & Sons

Released September 21st 2012, Babel is Mumford & Son's second studio album after their 2011 release called Sigh No More. The tracklist on the deluxe version includes 15 songs, alsoe featuring a stunning cover of Simon& Garfunkel's The Boxer, which I've also mentioned in this post before. 

When I look at my iPod's Top 25 songs, there's 6 songs from this album in the top 10. I guess that statistic alone tells us something about how much I adore this album and how often I have listened to it since its release ...

I fell in love with this album a few months before it was released when I was at a Mumford& Sons gig in July 2011 where they played some new material. I especially remember hearing Lover's Eyes and being absolutely fascinated by the lyrics of that particular song. So when it was released and I heard the rest of it, I was very pleased, because there were many more gems on it than the song I just mentioned. If I had to pick a season to fit the atmosphere Babel, it would be autumn. The lyrics are introspective, a little melancholic and thoughtful at the same time- the whole record feels very harmonious to me. 

Top 5 Favourite Tracks: 
Lover of the Light, Lover's Eyes, Reminder, The Boxer, Where Are You Now

How about you? Do you know the record? Do you like it as well? 

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