Friday, 1 August 2014

Mini Haul & Review: Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy in Insolent Plum (450)

My mum has been visiting me in Vienna for a couple of days (which is also the reason why I haven’t been posting as regularly as I wanted to, apologies!), and today we went shopping. I didn’t really buy anything else worth mentioning, but what I did buy was this beauty- behold the lipstick porn:

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy in Insolent Plum

It’s absolutely gorgeous. I naturally gravitate towards plum shades like this, and I know exactly why: MAC Rebel. When I first got into lipstick two or three years ago, Rebel was the first high end(-ish) lipstick I bought after I’ve seen numerous people talking about it on YouTube. To this day, Rebel (together with another MAC lipstick, Plumful) is my most worn lipstick, it’s actually a tiny little nub now.

Time warp: I'm finishing this post up one day later, and of course I just had to apply this lipstick today when I was doing my makeup. And yes, this glides on like a dream. Once it's on the lips, it doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything, it's amazing. Soon after I've applied it, I actually devoured a pretty big portion of my mum's risotto, and even though the colour obviously faded, it left behind a very pretty, even stain. So as far as first impressions go, this gets a big thumbs up from me!

As you can see, I look pretty happy with my new lipstick! 

I love the colour, and I think it's actually pretty close to what Rebel looks like on my lips- I unfortunately don't have Rebel with me at the moment, so I can't compare right now. Either way, I love the plum shade of this, and I know it's going to get a lot of wear especially once fall starts- I'm very excited to break out the plums, violets and dark reds for the next season!

This Estée Lauder lipstick is my first really expensive/luxury lipstick purchase (32,95€)- a lot of money, but I actually had a gift voucher, so it actually didn't hurt or gave me a bad conscience when I paid for it (yay for nice colleagues who know what I give me for my birthday!).

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