Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Music Talk: Female Artists - Florence Welch/ Florence+ The Machine

When I look at my iTunes library (is it a library when it's music?) it's pretty obvious that I tend to listen to a lot more male artists than female ones, percentage-wise. So why not focus on the female artists and voices for a change? Here's a breakdown of my favourite ladies in the music business! And while I'm at it, I will make it a series! Starting with the absolutely incredible Florence Welch of Florence+ The Machine.

I actually have no idea how I discovered her because it's been a few years, but I strongly suspect that my friend Eva (shoutout to you, you rock!) introduced me to her. I could be wrong, but in that case I'm sure she will correct me when she reads this. Anyways, I definitely started listening to her way before her second sudio album Ceremonials was released.

Florence Welch is a singer-songwriter and widely known for the work she has done together with her band ("the Machine"), with two studio albums called Lungs (2009) and Ceremonials (2011), as well as the b-sides to Lungs and two live albums (including MTV Unplugged). Her musical style is described as something in between indie rock/pop and art rock- I think it's really hard to narrow it down in her case.

So what's special about her?

# Florence has a brilliant vocal range that will give you goosebumps; as well the most unique voice that can hardly be mistaken for somebody else's.

# Beautiful lyrics! I kind of want to compare them to paintings, so expressive. She actually compared her lyrics to those of Renaissance artists - "We're dealing with all of the things they did- love and death, time and pain, heaven and hell."

# There's something for every mood- she's got really upbeat songs as well as the slow, dramatic ballads. Dog Days Are Over actually has been my alarm song to wake me up in the morning for a long time - this song kinda makes me want to get shit done.

# Even her b-sides are absolutely awesome. Try Falling, Bird Song, or the Hardest of Hearts.

# She's the cutest little fangirl herself and covered Green Day's whole Nimrod album (you can find that on YouTube), which obviously as a fellow Green Day fangirl makes me love her even more.

My Top 10 Tracks (studio albums) from A-Z:

All This and Heaven Too
Breaking Down
Dog Days Are Over
Drumming Song
Hurricane Drunk
Kiss With A Fist
No Light, No Light
Shake It Out 

But in all honesty, I think both of her albums are pretty much flawless and great examples of these perfect albums that you can listen to without having to skip a song- but maybe that's just me!

Edit: It has come to my attention that in June this year, Florence+ the Machine have been stating to NME that they have been working on the third studio album! Wohoo! I've been waiting long enough!

Do you like Florence + the Machine as well? Favourite songs? :) 

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