Friday, 22 August 2014

Review: KIKO "Daring Game" LE Lipstick and Lipliner

Another day, another review!
As I've mentioned in yesterday's post, I went shopping recently- mostly to check out the newest limited edition from KIKO. I've talked about it before- I really adore KIKO as a brand in general and I think they do great limited editions with even greater packaging!

Generally, I think it's pretty cool that KIKO limited editions are not released as frequently as those by other brands- this way, the products are longer available in store as well as online, and the chance of actually getting your hands on a product is much more stress-free compared to limited editions by other brands (think MAC or if you're familiar with the brand, Catrice).

I've mentioned the KIKO Daring Game limited edition and the products I find most interesting in this post; so far, I've bought one lipstick and one lipliner, which I will review for you today.

KIKO Daring Game Ace of Diamond Lipstick in 34 Active Fuchsia (7,90€)

I was already interested in these lipsticks when I saw the press pictures, because I loved the packaging and how they were described as semi-matte. There's six shades to choose from, and I went with this fuchsia-pink called Active Fuchsia- it reminds me a lot of MAC Girl About Town
This lipstick is creamy, very opaque and feels very comfortable on the lips- almost as if you aren't wearing anything actually, which is always great in my books! I'm also quite impressed with its staying power- I've worn this today and munched on a big cup of ice cream, and it pretty much stayed put, just a little fading in the center of the lips but nothing dramatic. 
For the price, the packaging, and the general quality of the lipstick, i would definitely recommend checking these out! I might have to get a few other shades as well ...

KIKO Daring Game Ace of Diamond Lip Liner in 27 Refined Burgundy (5,90€)

I always fall in and out of love with the idea of using lip liner- I get lazy, and lip liner definitely is an extra effort in the typical makeup routine. Anyways, I really wanted a darkish plum lip liner to go under MAC Rebel and Estée Lauder Insolent Plum, and this one fit the bill quite well. 
The lip liner itself doesn't need to be sharpened- it's one of these twisty deals, which I quite like as you don't really waste product and it caters to my laziness as well.
I've worn this under MAC Rebel the other day and it looked very nice- I've applied it all over my lips as a base for the lipstick, and together it created a really cool, slightly darker shade than Rebel is on its own, and extended the longevity of the lipstick by a few hours as well!
Again, there's nothing bad I can say about this product- if you're looking for a particular shade of lip liner (or just want one to match the Ace of Diamond lipsticks), there's six shades to choose from- and for 5,90€, they're very reasonably priced as well.

Again, I'm very impressed by the products I chose from thise limited edition. Although I must say, the bronzer/highlighter duo which I initially was very interested in as well wasn't too nice when I swatched it- the bronzer was fine, but the highlighter had a very gritty, chunky glitter in it- not really what I'm looking for in a highlighter shade. The blush duos look nice though, I just didn't feel blush that day; same with the eyeshadow palettes- they seem to be lovely quality, I just tried to reason with myself telling my inner shopaholic that I really own enough eyeshadows as it is ...

Do you like the look of the lipstick and lip liner? Doesn't the lipstick packaging look gorgeous? :)

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