Thursday, 21 August 2014

Review: LUSH "No Drought" Dry Shampoo

On Tuesday, in between watching Teen Wolf (super important) and doing MA thesis related stuff, my friend Dani and I went for a mini shopping tour- mostly because we wanted to check out the new KIKO Limited Edition (which I already posted about here) and to visit another friend who works at LUSH.

I have indeed spent some money in KIKO, but I will post about that in the next couple of days. Today's post concerns itself with the product I picked up at LUSH - the "No Drought" dry shampoo.

Hope you're enjoying the German description? ;)

First of all, like several LUSH products, the No Drought dry shampoo comes in two different sized bottles- either 50g (7,95€) or 115g (12,95€)- as you can see, I bought the smaller of the two. Personally I think it will still last me a pretty long time since you're only using the tiniest portions- so even if you end up using it every day, this bottle won't be empty very quickly.

No Drought is basically a very fine powder with a citrus scent- it doesn't only absorb the oils in your hair that make it greasy, it even makes it smell good in the process! This is especially nice if you're one of these cheap people like me that always buy the cheapest dry shampoo (in spray form) from the drugstore they can find and therefore often times try to not choke on the awful stuffy smell after spraying it to your roots ...

Application is very straightforward: Just dab some of the product directly onto the greasy roots and massage it in, then brush any leftover powder out- and you're done. Very simple.


To me, LUSH No Drought is a great alternative to the typical dry shampoos that come in a spray can. The benefits are that you use a lot less product per application, so No Drought is definitely the cheaper option when it comes to repurchasing the product. Other than that, the citrus scent is an added bonus because it's not overpowering- it just makes your hair smell really nice and fresh. I also find that for some reason, even in my dark hair the light powder doesn't really leave any visible residue (especially after I brushed through my hair), which is also a huge benefit! Would definitely recommend

Have you tried out LUSH No Drought yet? What's your favourite dry shampoo? 

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