Sunday, 3 August 2014

Sunday Roundup #4

Can't believe week four is already over! So far, blogging is still fun and I enjoy it, yay!
I'm afraid there's not much to tell/show in this week's roundup, as I didn't have too much time to blog (as you might have noticed by the number of posts in between roundups) because I was more occupied with spending time with family and friends.

What I did do though is tidying up my flat (with my mum's aid, I'll never be as thorough when it comes to cleaning...)- I finally managed to rearrange my bookshelf which was overflowing with stacks of printouts for uni and other unnecessary stuff that ultimately landed in the bin. Other than that, I finally was able to put up the beauty blogger piece of furniture everybody seems to have- the Ikea ALEX. It's really super convenient though, lots and lots of storage space in these drawers. And trust me, I'm not planning to fill this one up with heaps and heaps of makeup- unfortunately, I'm still a poor student with not enough money to do that kind of thing (one day. #hopefulsigh) ...

Excuse the awful lighting. It's raining outside.  
Remember the "Beauty is my Business" makeup bag? This is its bigger sibling! 

Other than that, I will try to plan ahead for this week so I'll be able to have more posts up in comparison to this past week- I will be at work Monday and Tuesday, but I'll see what I can do!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :) 

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