Sunday, 31 August 2014

Sunday Roundup: #8

Another week gone by! And with that week, August also passed and September is right around the corner. How is it possible that there's only four months of 2014 left?
Before I recap what happened on the blog this week, let's take a little picture stroll through my Vienna neighbourhood ...

These pictures we're taken on Thursday- we had such nice weather that day! Pretty sure it was one of the last really summery days of this year though ...

This week on TanjaWhatsername: 

Monday's post was about deep-cleaning your makeup brushes, featuring the very famous Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap! 
On Thursday, there was a post on CV pictures and the makeup that goes along with "professional" looking photos ... with my very own new CV pictures attached, if you're interested in that. 
On Friday, I got a little emotional when I wrote about possibly my favourite album of the last ten years, Green Day's American Idiot. If you fancy going on to a little to journey back to 2004, click
Yesterday's post was about KIKO Cosmetics' range of nail polish, a little guide so to speak. If you're addicted to nail polish, go check it out! :) 

I'm very sorry that I couldn't manage to get up a post on Tuesday and Wednesday, but on Tuesday my parents visited and I spent the whole day with them; on Wednesday, I had a little photoshooting with my friend Chrissi (which resulted in Thursday's CV picture post), and then fiiiinally I got to watch Guardians of the Galaxy in the evening! The movie was amazing, and I might just have to write up a little post about the flawless soundtrack soon! 

During the week (and also on weekends), you can of course always catch up on my random thoughts on Twitter and see what I'm up to on Instagram! :) 

As always, happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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