Wednesday, 13 August 2014

The Face: #05 - Winged Eyeliner and Red Lips Edition

After watching Jersey Boys in the cinema this past Sunday, I felt very much inspired to break out the matte red lips again after looking at all the makeup and costume porn presented in that movie! The 1950s sure had their priorities on point when it came to makeup: red lips and eyeliner flicks everywhere!

So for today, I went back to an old favourite and probably the most popular shade of red that MAC offers: Russian Red. The perfect neutral-toned matte red that pretty much suits everyone. Paired with my favourite eyeliner- an absolute bargain-product- Essence's Liquid Ink Eyeliner (waterproof version), these two make the perfekt red lip and cat flick combination.

Other than that, I tried to keep the rest of my face matte and did a little contouring to the cheeks- for that, I've been getting back into using the Sleek Contour Kit in Light again- I used the contour as well as the highlighter shade today. My eyeshadows are from an old LE Kiko palette that features a few matte neutrals- the lighter one of the crease shades being really close to Urban Decay's Tease.

At around 2,50€ (I actually think it's even less than that!), the Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner is an absolute bargain product! It dries into a beautifu, matte black and basically stays on all day- the applicator is a very fine brush tip, so you can draw really fine lines as well as thicker ones. It takes some practise, but the result is just awesome for the price. Definitely check it out if Essence is available in your country!

Red lips and winged eyeliner- something you wear as well, or too much for every day? ;)

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