Saturday, 13 September 2014

4 Hairstyles for Hat Season

A few weeks ago, I have posted an Autumn wishlist that included a black H&M fedora. Well, I bought it since then, and I'm trying to get lots of wear out of it- I really like hats, and I feel like they instantly add an interesting twist to a plain outfit.

Sure, hats conceal bad hair days and oily roots- but I like to think that if you wear the right hairstyle underneath, it makes  everything look that much nicer. So for this post, I want to show you four fairly easy ways to wear your hair underneath your hat of choice!

#1: Voluminous, textured hair:

The keyword to the most basic hairstyle is volume. I have rather thick, full hair, but after washing it, it dries rather straight and sleek, so it doesn't have a lot of texture. So to add some texture and body, I like to add loose waves with either a hair straightener or a curling wand- whatever is your preferred method really- in these pictures, I used my straighteners. If you're working with second day hair, keep your dry shampoo and hair spray ready, they always help for added volume and texture.

#2: Sideswept, over the shoulder hair: 

If your hair is long-ish like mine, you might want to try wearing it draped over one of your shoulders. I think this is a pretty hairstyle with or without adding a hat, and it's super easy to achieve. All I did was french-braiding my side-parted hair on one side, securing the little braid at the nape of my neck (works with either a hair tie or bobby pins) and draping my hair over my shoulder. 

#3: Messy fishtail braid:

Another hairstyle that looks great with or without a hat- the fishtail braid. My hair is very layered, so when I braid it, it always looks kinda messy- which I like in this case, because it adds a lot of volume! With some practice, fishtail braids are very easy to achieve- there's thousands of tutorials on YouTube, just look it up! I actually used the small french braid I had for hairstyle #2 as a "base" for my fishtail because otherwise, the french-braided section would have just fallen out of the braid anyways ;)

#4: Easy braided updo: 

This is another way to get your hair out of your face that can be achieved in five minutes: section your hair in two parts and braid them into regular braids. Cross the two braids at the back of your neck and secure them with bobby pins. I like to pull out a few layers from the front to frame my face, but that's optional of course. If you add a hat, it definitely won't disturb or mess up this hairstyle because the braids are secured at the back of you neck, which your hat probably won't touch. 

Will you be wearing hats this Autumn? :)


  1. i just LOVE hats and especially for lazy days a hat gives you such a quit styled looked without really doing anything, (except putting a hat over your hat which is compared to the time I take for my hair styling .. yeah nothing)
    At the end of your (lovely ^^) blog you asked if I wear hats this autumn - erm yeah well of COURSE, but here's another question ... or a few altough i LOVE hats i'm never quite sure when and where to put them on. Is autumn the ultimate season for hat lovers like me? And can I wear my hat at night as well or do I just look stupid? What about the old "no hats in closed rooms rule", should I take my hat off if I'm sitting in a coffee house with my friends? (normally my hat destroyes my hair styling underneath, if I even had one XD and then I just look erm not as styled as with my hat XD)
    Questions over questions but sorry you mentioned hats... ^^ and for a girl who loves hats that much I've really have no clue about all the "styling rules"

  2. "If you're working with second day hair, keep your dry shampoo and hair spray ready, they always help for ADDED VOLUME AND TEXTURE" - WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT!?!?!?!?

    1. First of all- I love this comment! :D
      1) Autumn is MY preferred season for wearing hats like the one I'm wearing in the pictures above, but I think it really just depends on the hat? Hats in the Summer are great, protect your head! Hats in the Winter- also cool! Hats in the Spring? Bring it on! There's no rules, just do what you feel comfortable with! :D
      2) Of course you can wear your hat at night as well, I think the time of day shouldn't really matter! :)
      3) We talked about this today... Since we're ladies, we actually don't have to take off our hats in closed rooms as far as I know! ;)


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