Friday, 5 September 2014

Budget Palette for Autumn: Sleek Ultra Mattes V2

Personally, I'm pretty much done with Summer, so my mind is thinking about Autumn related posts non-stop! So after my lipstick picks, here's another one, and this time let's talk eyeshadow.

In my opinion, matte eyeshadows with a decent formula are hard to come by, especially in the budget buy section. But I do have one palette that is completely matte and harbours both neutrals and a lot of darker, autumnal shades- the Sleek Ultra Mattes V2. The "V2" means version 2- there is a V1, which is also completely matte, but with much brighter (and more unwearable) shades.

Why is there hair on the palette? I swear it wasn't there when I took the picture! >.<

As you can see, there's traces of some wear and tear on this one-and there is really not one shade that I haven't used before or that seems absolutely unwearable to me, so that's also a plus.
Most of you are probably familiar with the beauty that is Sleek eyeshadow palettes- the quality of the shadows are amazing, they have great texture and blendability, and all of that for a bargain price. For everyone who is not in the UK- you can get Sleek Cosmetics over amazon now!

My most worn shades or the chocolate brown in the bottom row, as well as both of the nude blending shades and the white shade, which is a beautiful matte highlighting colour for the browbone! 

For Autumn, I love purple and violet shades, so both the dark brick red as well as dirty purple shade in the bottom row work great for me! 

If you're asking yourself "Okay, but what am I supposed to do with the really bright shades, the teal, the navy, the bright violet and the green?", here's a tip if you want to add some colour to your eye makeup without overdoing it: put the bright shades beneath your bottom lash line for an added pop of colour! 

I really just rediscovered this palette myself, and I need to get back into using it more- especially for Autumn, I love dark matte shadows, so to me this is really the perfect palette for the upcoming season! 

Do you have a favourite eyeshadow palette for Autumn? :)

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  1. I would really like to see how it looks with the brighter shades on the bottom lash line :) it sounds like cool!


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