Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Catrice Cosmetics Giveaway: I actually won something?!

I know I already posted today, but then something exciting happened ... I WON something!
I think it's so nice when companies do giveaways like this where everybody has a chance to win, but even though I quite regularly enter my name here and there I never actually won something in all my life. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I collected a little package from the post office with the Cosnova Beauty stamp on it- the company that produces both Catrice Cosmetics and Essence, two awesome budget beauty brands that I've loved and been using products of regularly for years!

The giveaway was hosted by Catrice in order to promote their whole new range of products that was introduced a few weeks ago- and I actually squealed in delight when I saw that all the products they've sent me were golden and purple hues that I will definitely wear!


Absolute Eye Colour Mono 830 The Great Goldsby
Absolute Eye Colour Mono 849 Barbie Meets Metallica
Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil 060 Lilac Is Back In Nearly Black
Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil 030 You're So Gold Fashioned
Ultimate Stay Lipstick 050 Mauve Your Lips
Ultimate Nail Lacquer 72 Auber-Genious 
Ultimate Nail Laquer 71 CadiLILAC
Illuminating Blush 010 I Am Nuts About You
Absolute Colour Lash & Hair Mascara 010 Good Li'Luck

Whoever is behind naming Catrice products has a real cool job that I'm jealous of, that's for sure! Over the next few days/week you can definitely expect reviews and more details about the all of these products- I'm really excited to put them into action as soon as possible! :) 

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