Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I put some new shoes on ...

 I've been liking the look of chelsea boots for some time now, but they've never been as present in stores than in this Autumn season. No matter which store I go to, there seems to be an abundance of different models and colours of chelsea boots, but until last weekend I haven't seen a pair that actually really appealed to me. On Saturday however, I went shopping with my mum and I came across these ones ...

The zebra detailing immediately caught my eye when I saw these- I think that's such a fun little twist since the stretchy bit on these kind of shoes is usually black or another monochrome colour. The shoe itself is made out of leather and is super-soft and comfy- I'm normally not one to splurge on a pair of shoes, but my mum convinced me that sometimes it's better to invest in a decent pair every once in a while, and I'm glad I listened!

I love the look of wearing chelsea boots paired with skinny jeans or leggings- they're so effortless and I guess I don't have to mention the benefits of no shoelaces, zippers or similar stuff? You just slip them on and go- I just love everything that caters to my general laziness!

I'm pretty sure this is going to be my default shoe for the upcoming season when I'm looking for something without a heel that still gives the impression that I made an effort. 

So, chelsea boots- something you'd wear as well? :)

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