Tuesday, 16 September 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection: The Oranges and Reds

Part 2 of my MAC lipstick collection posts is here! This time I'm going to show you the oranges and reds of my collection, so let's get started ... (Read Part 1 here.)

#01 So Chaud: Starting at the orangey side of the spectrum, this is actually the first MAC lipstick I ever owned! It's an orange shade that's not as flashy as Morange, but still quite bright on the lips- perfect for summer. The finish is matte, so it lasts for a few hours after application as per usual with MAC matte lipsticks.

#02 Lady Danger: A very bright, organgey red that is a favourite for a lot of people. It's a very fun colour for everyone who wants to try something different from the "classic" red shades such as Russian Red and Ruby Woo and it has warmer undertones than the two I just mentioned. The finish is again matte, so it lasts pretty long on the lips.

#03 Viva Glam Rihanna: I'm just going to say it how it is- I'm not a fan of Rihanna, not at all, and I wish MAC would move on from collaborating with her. That being said, I still purchased this lipstick because A) I've never tried a frost finish before and this lipstick looked nice, B) it is a beautiful, bright cherry red lipstick which is a shade that shouldn't be missing in anyone's collection and C) because the Viva Glam program obviously is a very good cause which I'm happy to spend money on.

#04 Russian Red: One of the most classic MAC lipstick shades and again a favourite of many, Russian Red is one of the first lipsticks I purchased myself and have recommended to a lot of people since then. It's the perfect neutral to cool toned red, and I would say it's an universally flattering shade that suits practically everybody. If you need a trusty classic red shade, this matte offering from MAC is your lipstick!

#05 Just a Bite: A limited edition lipstick from last Autumn that I used to wear quite a lot when I purchased it. It has a satin finish (same as one of my favourite lipsticks, Rebel) and is a beautiful, deep red shade. Now that the colder months are advancing, I'm looking forward to wear this again!

#06 Dark Side: A very dark, oxblood red that is similar in shade to Diva (I think it's a tad cooler toned) and comes with an amplified finish. I love it for it's easy of a application, which is far smoother than Diva's, even though the staying power is not as great in comparison. Still a gorgeous shade I can recommend for friends of darker lips.

#07 Diva: The perfect dark red lipstick, even though I have to say that application isn't the easiest with this one- I would definitely recommend pairing it with a lipliner. But once it's on, it stays on. It hardly transfers on glasses or mugs, and will wear for hours and hours if you don't decide to munch on a greasy pizza or something equally delicious ...

Here's some lip swatches so you can see how all of these look next to each other- I always like to see lip products swatched on the lips (where they belong, obviously) as opposed to swatched on arms or hands, so I'll try to make a habit and include both in future lip product posts.

Any of these shades you already own or have on your wishlist? I've always wanted to try out Ruby Woo but still haven't gotten around to do it, but it's definitely on my list ... 

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