Friday, 12 September 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection: The Pinks & Nudes

I've counted my MAC lipsticks. Seems like over the years, I've accumulated 17 of them! So I thought a MAC lipstick collection post might be in order ... and since 17 is quite the number and I don't want to stick them all in one post, I will divide them into colour families, starting with the pink and nude hues today- which are probably the ones I wear the least out of all of them ...

#1 Kinda Sexy: The one and only true nude lipstick I own. I don't often wear nude shades in my daily life, and find it incredibly hard to finde nude shades for that don't make me look dead. Kinda Sexy is a pretty deep and peachy nude with a matte finish- and I actually really like it! Sure, I don't wear it as often as a lot of my other lipsticks, but when I really need a nude lipstick, this does the job brilliantly. 

#2 Viva Glam Nicki: To be honest, I don't really know why I bought this? I wanted a pink lipstick, yes, but why did I pick a pretty much unwearable shade with a strange texture? We will never know, I suppose. It's a very bright barbie pink with warm undertones and a satin finish that makes it kinda hard to wear for me withouth looking ... weird? Anyways, the Viva Glam line was created for a good cause, so I don't regret buying it that much.

#3 Impassioned: A very summery lipsick, I would describe it as a warm, bright coral pink. I do like to wear this one when I feel like wearing something bright and girly, and it's actually one of the first few shades I ever bought. It comes in an amplified finish, so it goes on really opaque and creamy. 

#4 Show Orchid: I always like to think of Show Orchid as Impassioned's cool-toned fuchsia pink sister. This is a really bright pink which I loved in the summer, and it also has an amplified finish which again means nice texture and good staying power. This is a lipstick from the MAC Pro range. 

#5 Relentlessly Red: Yes I know, it's called "Red" in the name, but in my opinion this still leans more into a very bright coral pink than a red ... This was part of the retro matte collection of last Autumn but has been made permanent since then. The retro matte finish is super dry but lasts for ages- I actually really adore it- when I need a really matte lipstick that stays in place forever, this is the lipstick I pick! 

Next up will be the Oranges and Reds, which should be up sometime next week! :) 

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