Friday, 26 September 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection: The Plums, Berries & Purples

Welcome to part three of my MAC lipstick collection post series! This time, it's all about the plums, the berries and the purples of my collection- if you're interested in the nudes and pinks or the oranges and reds, please click at the shade families you want to see!

I've saved this category for last, because A) I wanted to go from light to dark in terms of shades and B) this is definitely my shade family and also features my most worn MAC lipsticks!

#01 Plumful: This shade is my most worn MAC lipstick of all time; I am actually not to keen on the lustre finish (I feel like it dries out my lips faster than any other MAC finish), but it's still my go-to shade when I want to wear something barely there and neutral on my lips, because I actually prefer shades like these over nudes when it comes to toned down lip colours. Due to the fact that it's a lustre finish, it doesn't wear as long as amplified or matte lipsticks obviously, which surely contributed to the fact that this is my most worn down lipstick to date.

#02 Craving: Craving is a very similar shade to Plumful, just that it applies much more opaque because it comes in an amplified finish- which I prefer over a lustre anytime! This is a deep plum shade which I still consider to look pretty toned down and neutral, and I think it's perfect for an Autumn lip that's not too much in-your-face even though you're not wearing a peachy nude for example.

#03 Rebel: As you can see on the pictures, this is almost as worn down as Plumful; if anyone asks me what my favourite lipstick is, my spontaneous answer will probably always be MAC Rebel. It's a beautiful, deep berry shade with a satin finish which actually leaves a bit of a stain once it wears off. If I want to wear something dark but not too dark that looks a bit edgy, this is the lipstick I choose- I actually found an eve higher-end dupe for this- Estée Lauder's Insolent Plum lipstick which has an ever so slightly nicer formula; so if you're interested in the perfect berry shade, check either of the two out.

#04 Violetta: This lipstick belongs to the MAC Pro range and I initially got it because I really wanted to have Heroine, but back then it was a LE shade that had not been made permanent yet. Anyway, Violetta comes in an amplified finish and I like to call it Show Orchid's purple sister, as the vibrancy and blueish undertones are so similar. I tend to pick Heroine over Violetta though when I want to wear a purple lip, but that's honestly just because I prefer a matte finish over everything else. Still, it's an awesome shade and if you're into purple, definitely give this a swatch!

#05 Heroine: I literally waited patiently for at least one and a half year for MAC to repromote Heroine, and when they did, they actually made it permanent- yay! It's matte, it's purple, it wears for hours and hours, and it's simply perfect. Yes, it's a bit out there, but I feel like it's such a fun colour and actually pretty versatile- I wear this all year around, to be honest. The longevity of this rivals that of Diva- these two are definitely the most long-wearing MAC lipsticks in my collection!

Other shades in this colour family I'd like to try are Captive, Up the Amp, Flat Out Fabulous and maybe Smoked Purple- do you have any more suggestions? 

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