Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Plum & Violet Lipstick Picks for Autumn

Since we've officially reached September, I'm sure I'm not the first one to post about Autumn-related beauty products. So for today, let's talk about my favourite makeup product category of all time- lipstick!
To me, autumn is the time for plums and violets (the turn of the reds and burgundys comes later in the year) and for this post, I'd like to suggest three gorgeous shades for the upcoming season.

From left to right, we have these three beauties: MAC Craving (Amplified) - Estée Lauder Insolent Plum - MAC Heroine (Matte) 

# MAC Craving: My neutral lipstick that isn't a nude- you're definitely wearing colour, but it's not too flashy and quite toned down. Perfect plummy autumn shade for those who don't want to be too bold- it's nice for every day wear. It's an Amplified finish, which means it applies very opaque and creamy but has quite good staying power. Similar shades in the same colour family include MAC Plumful (Lustre) and MAC Captive (Satin). 

# Estée Lauder Insolent Plum: The higher-end dupe to MAC Rebel with a slightly better formula in my opinion. Insolent Plum is a beautiful deep berry shade with great staying power and leaves a beautiful, even stain once it wears off- read my full review here

# MAC Heroine: A matte, vivid purple shade. If you're in for subtle colours, this is not your lipstick. If you like to make a statement however and love violet shades, this one is amazing for autumn! Due to the matte formula, it stays perfect for a very long time on the lips. A very similar shade but with an Amplified finish would be MAC Violetta

What are your lipstick picks for fall? :)

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