Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Roundup: #11

This week was a very Catrice Cosmetics heavy week on my blog- mostly because of the fact that for the first time ever, I won a giveaway! So here's a breakdown of this week's posts first:

Monday: A post about a neglected product of mine- my Inglot Freedom System eyeshadow palette. It's actually really beautiful!
Tuesday: I posted twice on Tuesday- which is a first for this blog! One post was about the Reds and Oranges of my MAC lipstick collection; the second one was a very excited post about the Catrice giveaway I've won!
Wednesday: Looking for two very affordable drugstore concealers? Then check out Wednesday's post!
Thursday: Here's a review of all the products I received from the Catrice giveaway- there's some really cool products that already have found their way into my everyday routine!
Friday: I took a little break from posting on Friday due to the fact that I met my friends for the World Press Photo 2014 Exhibiton in Vienna and my parents came to visit in the evening ...
Saturday: To complete my series of Catrice posts this week, here's another review of the Absolute Matt Eyeshadow palette- which actually performed better than I expected!

Today, I actually did something cool- I went to a LP and CD market thing where a lot of different sellers offer a lot of awesome music for litte money (or a lot of money, depends on what you're after and how much you buy ;)). Obviously, I couldn't pass a few David Bowie items, being the obsessed fan that I am at this point ...

3 CDs: Tonight- David Bowie; Earthling - David Bowie; Heathen - David Bowie 
2 Singles: Sound and Vision- David Bowie; Absolute Beginners- David Bowie
... all of it for 22€ if I'm not mistaken, so I'm pretty chuffed! :)

Today is also my friend Dani's birthday (who also bought some awesome LPs today because I found a few nice things for her, haha), so in one hour we're all going to meet up with a few friends and celebrate- very much looking forward to nice company and delicious food! :) 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the rest of your Sunday! :) 

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