Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Autumn Nail Polish Picks

Autumn seems to be a lot of blogger's favourite season, and October their favourite month. For years I wondered why and didn't really get the appeal- surely Summer is much nicer? - but I'm slowly starting to get it. When you live in a big city, summer really isn't that great, because all you really do is sweat. Autumn however offer sweater weather and leather jackets without sweating or freezing, so it's actually pretty nice. An added bonus definitely is the fact that you can wear dark lipsticks without getting too many weird looks- in Summer, a dark red/berry lip more often than not looks a bit out of place. 

That being said, my nail polish choices also change when it gets colder outside. While I like wearing brighter shades in Summer, I like switching to more muted polishes in Autumn. I'm not the biggest nail person, so most of my nail polishes are budget options- and here's five shades from my collection I'll be wearing in the coming weeks:

#1 essence colour& go "155 red ahead": The essence colour& go polishes are ridiculously inexpensive and have a pretty big shade range. On my nails, they actually last fine and I like the formula, so when I'm looking for a specific shade, I normally check this line first. The shade 155 red ahead is a very dark red shade that can look almost black when it's applied in 2-3 layers, gorgeous for Autumn!

#2 OPI Nail Lacquer "Number One Nemesis": The only pricier polish in the bunch is Number One Nemesis by OPI, a shimmery metallic grey shade with greenish shimmer- it's a shade that you don't come across that often. I like this one for the colder months since it's still pretty muted although it's metallic and lasts pretty well on the nails; I normally apply two coats for opacity. 

#3 KIKO nail laquer "317 Dark Antique Pink": KIKO's nail lacquer line is also one I really love because of the huge shade range and because it's so cheap. The shade 317 Dark Antique Pink is one of my absolute favourites right now, it's a dusty rosy shade which looks very feminine and polished. Great shade for every day, basically. 

#4 Catrice Nail Lacquer "72 Auber-Genious": Catrice's nail polish formula is usually not one of my favourites, but the shade 72 Auber-Genious works just fine for me; as the name suggests, it's kind of a dirty aubergine/purple colour with a little shimmer in it- and I love my berries and purples for Autumn, no matter if it's on the lips or the nails!

#5 essence colour& go "162 dare it nude": This nail polish comes to closest to a nude shade in this selection- as you can see, it's more greige than nude, which I actually really like. I don't like to wear peachy nudes on the nails because something about it just doesn't look right on me, but 162 dare it nude is the perfect shade for everyone who wants to wear polish that looks quite classy and isn't too flashy. 

What's your favourite nail polishes for Autumn? 

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