Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Budget Buy: KIKO Brush Cleanser

Brush cleanser is one of these products that makes every beauty addicts life a lot easier- especially when you're a bit lazy like me. Still, I feel it's also one of these products that aren't really talked about lots in the community, which I also understand: looking at pretty pictures of eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks is much more fun! 

Nevertheless, I think if you're playing with makeup a lot and therefore use lots of brushes, it's necessesary to have a good brush cleanser in your stash. Who wants to deep-clean their makeup brushes all the time? Exactly, nobody. 

Now I know that MAC do a very popular brush cleanser, but with products like these, I will probably never feel like spending the extra money on it just because it's manufactured by a certain brand when I can get it for much cheaper somewhere else. In my case, "somewhere else" is the KIKO store:

The KIKO Brush Cleanser comes in a nifty spray bottle that contains 50ml/1.68 Fl.oz. for the amazing price of 5,90€! This comes in very handy for spot cleaning foundation brushes (we don't wanna press the dirt and germs from previous days onto our face, do we) and eyeshadow brushes- because there's nothing more annoying than not having a clean blending brush when you're doing your eye-makeup. 

It usually takes me a few months to finish one of these bottles, so I think for the price you really cannot go wrong. I usually stock up on these when I visit the KIKO store- you know, just in case I unexpectedly run out of the bottle I'm using at the moment. So if you want a brush cleanser that doesn't break the bank and you have access to KIKO (they have an online store and deliver to a lot of countries), check this one out! 


  1. I didn't know Kiko did a brush cleanser, I will have to pick it up for that price!! I used to use the MAC one but it ran out pretty quick so I did not want to repurchase at the high price. I have been using baby shampoo for a while but this Kiko one looks great :). I also think such products should be discussed more as they are key to ensuring a long life for your brushes!

    1. Hey girl, thanks for the comment and also for the follow- it's greatly appreciated! :)
      It's really such a nifty product to have, especially for the price, definitely check it out if you have a Kiko store nearby! :)


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