Monday, 20 October 2014

Comparison: Real Techniques Buffing Brush vs. XCSOURCE Buffing Brush

Last week I posted about my newly acquired XCSOURCE brushes, and since the buffing brush is so similar to the Real Techniques buffing brush, I thought why not write up a little comparison post to showcase just how similar they really are. 

If you want to read about the set of brushes I got from XCSCOURCE, please click here to be linked to my post of last week! On to the comparison ... 

As you can from the pictures above, from a bird's eye perspective, these two brushes look very similar, with the handles being equally long, the only real difference is that the XCSOURCE brush is a bit more dense than the Real Techniqes buffer. I already mentioned it in my previous post about these brushes, but I also think that the XCSOURCE brush is a bit softer, which probably is due to the fact that the bristles are more densely packed. 

In an overall comparison, I'd say that the Real Techniques buffing brush feels and probably is sturdier than it's cheaper equivalent- sometimes while using the XCSOURCE brush, the bit where the black and silver part of the handle are glued together can feel a little bit flimsy. It doesn't take away from the performance of the brush when it comes to application, but I still think it is something that should be mentioned. 

When it comes to the actual application process, I don't find there to be big differences; both of the brushes work great for buffing in liquid foundation which helps you get the work done pretty fast- which is the main reason why I love this type of brush for foundation and why the Real Techniques buffing brush is such a hyped product. 

If you own neither of these brushes and wonder what to get, the question is really what else you're looking for- both brushes come in sets of four brushes; in terms of quality, I think they're both really good especially if you consider that both of them are pretty much budget buys if it were possible to purchase them seperately. 

The Real Techniques buffing brush is part of the Core Collection (~ 27€ on amazon) and comes together with a contour brush (which I love for highlighting), a flat foundation brush (which I have little to no use for) and a detailer brush (for pinpoint concealing or even as a lip brush). 
The XCSOURCE buffing brush can be ordered in a set of of four brushes as well which are all kabuki style brushes (~ 12€ on amazon), but the brand offers different sets so you could also opt for one that combines face and eye brushes, for example.

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