Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Flawless Albums: #02 - "Rhythm and Repose" by Glen Hansard

A few weeks ago, I posted my Autumn playlist on this blog- I was listening to it a few minutes ago while catching up on reading all the blogs I follow (I've been slacking a bit the last two days) and a song by Glen Hansard ("Bird of Sorrow") came on. All of a sudden I was in a mood to listen to the whole album because it's simply perfect. 

Glen Hansard is an Irish singer/songwriter/actor (you might know him from the film "Once") who I've actually come across when I saw him play live at a festival a few years ago. The album "Rhythm and Repose" is as far as I know his only solo album to date and was released in 2012. 

So why is this album so perfect, you ask? 
As always with music, it's hard to explain; to me, it's perfect for the season. It just sounds autumnal, in a way. Let's just say if you're into folky, singer/songwriter acoustic type of music, Glen Hansard is your guy. The lyrics are like poetry to me; Glen Hansard writes these kinds of lyrics that are so relatable, quotable and introspective that I always have the urge to look them all up and post them somewhere...

So without further ado, my top tracks from Rhythm and Repose:

Maybe Not Tonight
"Echoes from another time
Playing lightly on my mind 
There's many rivers still to cross
To temper the bitterness in love"

Bird of Sorrow
"Tethered to a bird of sorrow 
A voice that's buried in the hollow
You've given over to self-deceiving
You prostrate bow but not believing
You've squandered more than you could borrow
You bet your joy on all tomorrows for the hope of some returning
While everything around you is burning" 

"And if I can have the glory
I'd give it up gladly
Oh how we sucked in the lime light
and left best friends behind 
Will you come walk beside me 
To the end of this story
And I'll let you go gently
Among your own kind" 

Side note: I used to listen to this album when I was commuting to Vienna by bus veeeeery early in the morning, looking out of the window and watching the sun rise. It's the perfect piece of music for moments like these because it's just so calm and beautiful to listen to; it's also one of my favourites for falling asleep.

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