Saturday, 18 October 2014

My Dressing Table

When I first moved to a bigger flat, one of my dreams was having a dressing table in my bedroom. A few months later, a trip to IKEA made that dream reality and now I'm the proud owner of the popular Hemnes dressing table. 

A few months ago, I also added the even more popular IKEA Alex that fit perfectly into the corner next to my dressing table- I don't really store makeup or beauty related things in there, it became more of a set of drawers for miscellaneous things that were just rolling arond in my bedroom before. 

I tend to rearrange the setup of my dressing table all the time; either by rearranging the stuff that I keep on the surface or cleaning out the drawers- there's always something I feel like changing. Right now, I actually really like my setup, so I thought I'd share. 

IKEA Hemnes dressing table 149€
IKEA Alex chest of drawers 99€
IKEA Jansjö clip lights 7,99€
IKEA Godmorgon drawer dividers 9,99€
TRIXES lipstick tray via amazon, 6,99€

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