Thursday, 30 October 2014

October Favourites

The end of October has rolled around, and we all know what that means ... it's Favourites time! These are one of my favourite posts to read/ videos to watch, but for some reason I always tend to forget what I loved using in the past month and need to brainstorm a bit before it comes back to me- I guess I should really start making lists during the month or something. Anyways, here's what I've been loving this past month:

# Essence 155 red ahead - OPI Monsooner or Later - KIKO 3 in 1 MAT Fortifying Fast Dry Base/Top Coat: 

So I've really been into wearing red nail polish this month, and for most of the time I wore Essence's red ahead, which is a ridiculously cheap dark crimson nail polish (I think they're not even 2€) that lasts for a week without chipping on my nails. Maybe it's the polish itself, or maybe it is the combination with the KIKO 3 in 1 Mat Base/Top Coat, but may nails really were chip-free for at least a week! Same goes for OPI Monsooner or Later, a lovely scarlet red shade that lasted equally as long paired with the KIKO Base/Top Coat.

# Sleek Contour Kit (Light)

The Sleek contour kit is such a nifty product to have in your collection; the dark shade is matte and perfect for contouring and carving out your non-existent cheekbones (at least in my case), and the highlighter I love both on top of my cheekbones and as a inner corner highlighter for my eyes! When I'm not wearing my NARS Laguna Bronzer, chances that I'm wearing this on my cheeks are very high. 

# MAC Fashion Revival Lipstick (LE)

This lipstick is part of a matte lipstick collection MAC has released for the Fall season, and it's my favourite for two reasons: firstly, because it's a gorgeous matte shade (a lovechild of MAC Rebel and MAC Diva, if you ask me), and secondly because it has garnered a lot of traffic for my little blog- you guys seem to dig this shade as much as I do! Here's the full review: click.

# Pimkie Coat

A few weeks ago, I bought this gorgeous jacket/coat from Pimkie, and since it's gotten a lot colder in the last week or two, I have finally started wearing it. I love the leather sleeves and the asymmetric cut, and last time I wore this in combination with my black fedora, I kind of felt like a medieval witch hunter, which was ... pretty awesome?!

# Lipstick Tray

I ordered a lipstick tray via amazon a few weeks ago, and while this might not be the most interesting of objects, it just makes me insanely happy to have my lipsticks organised on my dressing table, so it's definitely a favourite for me! For 6,99€, this was a total bargain and I'm seriously debating ordering a second one, because let's face it- it's already full ... #oops - Click here for a full dressing table tour

# The Wet Brush

I have already gushed about the magical properties of this hairbrush in a seperate post which you can view by clicking right here, but let me tell you washing my hair and brushing it out afterwards is a whole lot easier since this brush has entered my life. I still don't know how exactly it works, but it brushes through my hair like a knife cutting through butter, so I'm chuffed. You can order the Wet Brush on amazon from various retailers. 

# Catrice Velvet Finish Foundation 

This is my medium-full coverage foundation of choice right now; it comes in a pretty bottle including a pump and really leaves a very nice semi-matte finish on your skin. For those days were my skin isn't looking so great, this gets the job done! I have a full review of this foundation right here

# (Tiny) Yankee Candles 

If you follow my instagram (which I'd love!), you'll know I've been buying these tiny Yankee Candles lately. Let's face it, I can't and don't want to afford the big guys, but these tiny ones are actually really nice and are very potent anyways. My favourite so far is Wild Fig, but I recently bought Vanilla Chai which really leaves your room smelling like a spicy Chai Latte, so that's pretty awesome as well! 

Phew, well this was quite the list after all! What have you been loving this past month? :)


  1. I love that coat, it's gorgeous! The leather gives a great twist. Yay Yankee candles. I prefer the small ones anyway as you can try lots of different scents and never get bored :). I was hoping to really get in to my winter coat this month but it is 21 degrees in the UK today - strange weather for this time of year!

    1. Thanks! :) I've been waiting to finally be able to wear it, because up until 1-2 weeks ago, it was sooo warm in Austria as well; just as you say, around 21 degrees, so weird!
      True that, I like trying out different scents, and they're so tiny and cute! :D And let's be honest, the big ones are too expensive for my liking anyways..


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