Saturday, 4 October 2014

Review: CATRICE Velvet Finish Foundation

Since reviewing the new(-ish) Catrice Nude Illusion Makeup a few weeks ago (click here for the post), I also wanted to give their other new foundation a go- the Velvet Finish Foundation. Quite contrary to the Nude Illusion, which is more like a "my skin but better" kind of deal with lighter coverage, the Velvet Finish is described by Catrice as follows:
This velvety-matt foundation unites know how and care to offer an instantly-fresh effect: moisturising hyaluron with a repair complex comprising vitamin E and B5, pampering allantoin as well as an SPF of 30. The optical lifting effect ensures flawless skin and fine lines are visibly minismed.
I was on the market for a higher coverage foundation since my MaxFactor All Day Flawless 3 in 1 foundation has ran out, and since I was intrigued by the Velvet Finish ever since I saw the press pictures before its release, I thought I'd try it out.

The foundation comes in a milky glass bottle including a pump and generally looks much more expensive than it actually is - props to Catrice for having absolutely great packaging (especially for their foundations) while still keeping their prices very budget-friendly! Considering that a lot of high-end brands aren't including a pump with their very pricey foundations, this is especially great.

A little goes a long way with this foundation- one pump easily covers my whole face! For application, I think it works best when applied with a flat top kabuki or even blended it with the fingers (yesterday, I applied it with a brush first and then smoothed everything out with my fingertips, which worked pretty well). Set with a dab of powder, this truly does last for a long time- I think if your skin isn't particularly oily, it should survive a regular work day pretty well!

In terms of coverage, I provided a few pictures of the back of my hand for you to compare- yes, I know at the back of my hand it looks a tad too dark, but blended out on my face it's actually fine!

If you look closely, you can see a darkish scar in between my index finger and thumb form when I foolishly burnt myself with my curling wand a year ago; the Velvet Finish foundation covered that without much of a problem, and my veins are also a lot less visible than before! Generally, this foundation is pretty high coverage by itself but can probably built up more when it's applied in (thin!) layers. 


If you're looking for a high coverage foundation that comes in a practical (and pretty) packaging and is budget-friendly, the Catrice Velvet Finish foundation is a good option for you to try out. The SPF of 30 is an added benefit- as long as you're not a movie star who is faced with flash photography on a regular basis, you should be fine!
The only downside is really the shade selection- unfortunately at this point, there's only four shades available so the spectrum is pretty much limited to the "average" European skin tones- while 010 Light Velvet is supposed to be pretty light especially for a drugstore offering, I'm not quite sure if the darkest shade 040 Honey Velvet will fit girls with a very tanned/deep complexion.
Apart from that, for 7,99€ the Velvet Finish foundation is definitely worth trying out if you're on the market for a higher coverage, long-lasting foundation!

Additonally, the Velvet Finish line also features a Velvet Finish Powder (also four shades) as well as a Velvet Finish Concealer (three shades).

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