Friday, 3 October 2014

Review: MAC Fashion Revival Lipstick (LE)

Initially, my friend Dani and I went out on Friday to look at the MAC Rocky Horror Collection, but obviously, it's only coming to Austria at the end of the month ... sigh.
Still, there was another little display I was intrigued by- the Matte Lip Collection, which offers 8 different shades- the only one which is permanent is Heroine, which is one of my other favourites. I picked up the shade Fashion Revival from that display, and I have to say I already fell in love with it!

As the name of the collection suggests, it obviously has a matte finish- in MAC terms this basically means it's going to last a long time and will leave a stain behind when it fades (especially with the darker shades). I applied Fashion Revival yesterday at 11am before I went to work from 12 to 8pm, and it lasted very well throughout lots of drinking (since I'm in retail, I talk a lot and the air is pretty dry in the shop anyways; I need lots of water throughout the day) and even eating in my break- it did fade quite a bit when I dug into my fatty fried noodles, which was to be expected of course. It did leave a stain however- I'd compare it to MAC Diva in terms of longevity, which is definitely one of my more long-lasting lipsticks.

Shade-wise, Fashion Revival is a beautiful deep berry shade, and already when I was swatching it in the store I thought that it was kind of a lovechild between Diva and Rebel- it does have Rebel's berry undertones, but also that tinge of red and obviously the matte finish of Diva. To me, this makes Fashion Revival the perfect shade for Autumn, and I'm pretty positive I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it!

The MAC Matte Lip Collection should be available on counters and online in October (international locations), and offers three nude/beige shades (Styled in Sepia, Nouvelle Vogue, Pander Me), two reds (Damn Glamorous, La Vie En Rouge) and three plums and violets (Fashion Revival, Heroine, Living Legend).

If you're into matte lipsticks, definitely check this collection out! I'm also intrigued by Living Legend, but it might actualy be a tad too dark for me (shock horror), but maybe I'll still try it out when I get to a MAC counter again ...

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  1. Great post! I really love Mac Diva! The shade is beautiful!


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