Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Review: XCSOURCE Makeup Brushes

Last week I ordered a few things from amazon- and since I needed to add another few Euros to my order to get free shipping, I thought "why not try out new makeup brushes?". Now, I like to think that I have more than enough makeup brushes, but some are just way nicer than others- the Real Techniques offerings being my favourites of those that I own.

While browsing amazon, I stumbled over brushes by the brand/retailer XCSOURCE who offers brushes that optically look very similar to some of the Real Techniques brushes, especially those that come with the pink and golden handles. In the end, I opted for a set of four synthetic face brushes with black/silver handles for roughly 12€:

XCSOURCE flat top kabuki, angled top kabuki, round top kabuki and domed kabuki 
They arrived in a matter of a few days, and my first impression was immediately positive: these are the softest brushes I ever touched! Yes, the Real Techniques brushes are super soft, but these are even softer, so that's definitely a plus. Added to that, they're light-weight but don't feel too flimsy and due to the fact that they're synthetic, they're brilliant for liquid products because they don't soak up all the foundation, concealer etc.

XCSOURCE flat top kabuki: 

I'm pretty sure that Sigma do a brush that's very similar to this one- basically, it's the perfect brush for applying liquid foundation or even to pack on powder. I use it for my foundation primarily, and it's seriously a super quick way of getting your base done in about 30 seconds! 

XSOURCE angled top kabuki: 

At first I wasn't really sure how to use this one, but now I figured out that it's perfect for applying my contour due to it's angled shape. I love to combine this brush with the Sleek Face Contour Kit in order to carve out my non-existant cheekbones- I've been looking for the perfect brush to do my contouring for a while, because in my opinion, the Real Techniques Contour Brush is too small and works way better for highlighting. 

XCSOURCE domed kabuki: 

Due to it's domed shape, this brush is brilliant for blending out undereye concealer in a matter of seconds as well as applying powder to the same area afterwards. I use it in combination with the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer or the KIKO Natural Concealer, and it blends out both really nicely. 

XCSOURCE round top kabuki:

Finally, this brush is very smiliar to the Real Techniques Buffing Brush- not only optically, but also in the way it works. Similar to the flat top kabuki, I use this in order to buff in my liquid foundation, and it's a brilliant and fuss-free way to achieve a beautiful finish in half a minute. In my opinion, this brush is just as good as the Real Techniques offering, if not a tad softer! 


I have to say, I was very positively surprised by this little impulse buy. For 12€, these brushes are great quality and I have use for all four of them. Having a lot of face brushes to choose from is great for every makeup addict, because it basically means we can extend the time between deep-cleaning them, am I right ladies? ;)
For the bargain price, I would definitely order these XCSOURCE brushes again, and I might even look into they're eye brushes in the future. You can check the brand out on amazon, where they offer a number of different colours and sets of brushes for a great price!  

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