Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Roundup: #15

Aaand I'm back with another Sunday roundup! Hello to my new followers, thanks for stopping by and subscribing, it's highly appreciated! I literally get so excited when I get a notification of someone new following me, you have no idea! :D

This week on the blog:

Tuesday: I reviewed a few new brushes I ordered on amazon two weeks ago- four different kabuki style brushes that can be compared to the Real Techniques offerings; I will have another post on the XCSOURCE buffing brush in comparison to the Real Techniques buffing brush coming up in the next few days, so keep an eye out for that! 

Wednesday: Another product review, and this time it's about the absolutely magical Wet Brush. If you have thick, tangly hair get this brush, thank me later. 

Thursday: Let's talk about a brush cleanser that isn't from MAC and does the job as well while being cheaper: the KIKO brush cleanser

Friday: If you're into cake and other delicious stuff, do yourself a favour and try out this super simple brownie recipe! They turned out wonderful at my first try and still taste awesome three days later, so ... get baking! 

Saturday: Finally, here's a little dressing table tour featuring the classic IKEA Hemnes dressing table- easily my favourite part in my flat. 

I've been trying to get back into the habit of reading these past few weeks, and I think I'm actually making progress, wohoo! As I'm working in a bookstore (not for long anymore, though) I got two new books last week- I've been downloading a lot of free ebooks lately, but it just doesn't compare to the feeling of holding a physical copy of a book in your hands. Since one of my friends is a total Fitzgerald fangirl, I bought Tales of the Jazz Age and The Beautiful and Damned; I'm almost finished with Tales of the Jazz Age, yay me!

So I might try to finish this later on because it would give me a weird feeling of accomplishment- finishing a book by the end of the week. But we'll see how that goes, knowing me I'll probably get stuck in front of my laptop watching YouTube videos and chatting with my friends on Skype ...

Whatever you're up to, I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I wish you a good start into the next week! :)

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