Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sunday Roundup: #16

Another week over, time for another Sunday roundup! 
This week I really didn't post as much as I wanted to and I'm sorry for that, but since I had the chance to spend a lot of lovely quality time with my friends these past few days, socialising was my priority! :)

This week on the blog: 

Monday: It was all about makeup brushes at the beginning of the week! If you're looking for a buffing brush that fulfills your liquid foundation application needs, click here to read my comparison of the Real Techniques buffing brush and the XCSOURCE buffing brush ... 

Tuesday: Should you be wondering what music to listen to in these dreary Autumn days, how about Glen Hansard's "Rhythm and Repose"

Thursday: Most days, I'm feeling a bright lip- Thursday, I combined MAC Russian Red with a silvery grey smokey eye, and I daresay it looked rather nice

Saturday: If you have the same problem as me, namely owning lipsticks you don't really wear because you can't pull of the shade, maybe try this easy trick and play around with lipliner ... 

Other than that, me and my girls (except one of them who is unfortunately not in the country and somehow acts like she can't abandon whatever she's doing in Switzerland for a couple of hours to join us ;)) finally managed to have a Sunday brunch together at my place! There was sooo much food involved, it didn't even fit on the table- obviously, my table is too small! (There's also so much food still left, so after I typed up this post I will go and stuff myself with lots of leftovers ... nom!)

Also, my friend Dani (who is an evil person that gets off on other people's pain) brought over her Doctor Who DVD box and practically forces me to watch the whole series now ... currently on episode four and I guess I won't stop watching anytime soon ... so that's my plan for the rest of the day. Food in abundance and Doctor Who. 

Hope you all had a beautiful weekend! :) 

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