Monday, 27 October 2014

What I Love About Blogging

A new hobby. I started blogging a few months ago in my last ever summer break as a university student for two main reasons: firstly because the summer months are long and I needed a reason to procrastinate and not concentrate on my MA thesis (lala...) and secondly because my amazing friends and family gave me an awesome camera for my birthday and told me to start a blog already! So here we are. 

A creative outlet. When I was a kid, I loved drawing. Sometimes I feel like even though I don't really do that anymore (which is really a pity), doing my own makeup still kind of counts as having a similar creative outlet- it's all about playing with shapes and colours, right? And when I'm happy with the result, I can choose to share it with the world, and I think that's awesome. 

My own space. Having a blog that you work on by yourself is your own little space on the internet where you alone are responsible for the content you create. Even though this blog is dedicated to beauty and makeup related content, I love to blog about music here and there as well; it's another passion I have and if I feel like sharing, I can- because it's my space and I decide what's going to be published. 

Sharing ideas. I talk about makeup a lot- and my dear friends have to listen to me ramble about it whether they like it or not. Sometimes however, they'll ask me about products to try out and stuff like that, and I'm always really happy when I can recommend something I know they'd like. Now that I blog about the products I like, I can reach more people and maybe even help some of you out- I can ramble on about the things I like, and who knows, some of you might even benefit from it! 

Reflecting and growing. I've never been good at writing down my schedule in calendars, let alone writing a diary, but for the past few months, I've been quite consistent with blogging. Ideally, I'll keep up posting regularly and be able to look back at posts that are a few months old, reflect on what I did and thought then and improve on that. 

Learning new skills. Blogging for me is not only about improving the skills I have (e.g. writing content in a foreign language), but also tackling things I'm not that savvy with- for example technical bits (my knowledge of HTML is very rudimenary still) or photography (I've still got a long way to go here); it might just be happy, but at least it's a productive one. 

What do you love about blogging?


  1. I think the whole idea of 'having my own space' is my all-time favourite thing about blogging - I get a rush of pride when I publish a post and look at it up on my blog, ha!

    Milly // Mini Adventures

    1. Ah, I totally get what you mean with getting a rush of pride when publishing a post you worked on, it's the best! :D

  2. I pretty much agree with all of these & there's probably manyyy more reasons why blogging rocks. A person definitely grows & reflects as they continue blogging. It's interesting to look back sometimes & see how you've changed. :] // ☼ ☯

    1. Exactly, this is why I really want to keep up posting as regularly as possible- it's just interesting to look back and see how you've grown and what changed in the course of time! :)


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