Tuesday, 4 November 2014

100 Posts: A Recap

I started writing this blog in the beginning of July, and a few months later, there's already 100 posts on here! So as this is the actual 100th post on this site, I thought it was time for a little TanjaWhatsername recap and celebrating the fact that I picked up a hobby that I thoroughly enjoy and have stuck too for the past few months! Before I start, I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has ever taken the time to read, comment and 'like' my posts on bloglovin' or even has decided to click the 'follow' button. I appreciate it so much and it absolutely makes my day when I get notifications of new subscribers! :) 

What is behind: 

This blog is very much full of beauty-related content. I love my makeup, experimenting with it and trying out new products; so naturally, there's a lot of reviews on here which also are my most-viewed posts on here. Which I think is cool, because it means people might have bought a product I recommended and are as happy with it as I am! My top-viewed post to this day is my review of MAC Fashion Revival, a gorgeous matte LE lipstick that's perfect for the season! 

Secondly, another passion of mine is music, and when the mood strikes (mostly in the evenings when I actually take the time to chill and listen to music) I like to post about my favourite tunes on here as well. I like to post playlists for the upcoming seasons, favourite albums or other music-related content, such as one of my earlier posts discussing legendary artists covering other legends- definitely one of my personal favourite posts that I have written. 

My Sunday posts are here for collecting links to the posts of last week, but somehow I feel like something is missing, and I might just have an idea how to make these posts more appealing to myself ... 

What is to come: 

Regarding the Sunday posts I just mentioned, I think it might be a good idea to also include links to the posts that I have loved reading in the week before- so maybe for the next Sunday roundup installment, I'll try to include something alone of these lines as well! 

Beauty and music related posts will still be featured heavily on here, since they are the foundation of this blog. Other than that, I'd love to include a recipe here and there- I've already done a super simple brownie recipe before- because let's face it, I love food, cooking and baking as well. I'd also like to fit in blogging-related content (I've already done a "What I Love About Blogging" post not long ago), as well as opinion pieces about issues I strongly care about, should the opportunity present itself. I don't want to limit myself to strictly one topic or another- even though I really enjoy all things makeup, my mind is made up of other things as well. :)

Lastly, I want to look into getting my own domain, because even though I obviously treat this blog as a hobby, it's a hobby I invest a lot of time into- so I want it to be the best it can be. Plus, I'd love to have a shorter, more professional-looking link (without the "blogspot.co.at"), so I'll try to look into that very soon! 

That's it from me so far. Thanks again to everyone taking the time to reading my blog and commenting on my posts, you make my day! Here's to another 100 posts! :) 


  1. Congratulations on 100 posts :). I have really enjoyed reading them. Your reviews are great, but I understand that a blog is about personal expression and to write what you enjoy wiriting about, so it is important to stray away from makeup/beauty whenever you feel like it. I like the idea of bringing in recipes from time to time. I have a few I want to include on my blog at somepoint, I do love my cakes and bakes!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, I always love when we get to talk! :)
      I love beauty so much and I enjoy writing reviews and stuff, but sometimes I just need a little break from it and look into other things- but I think that's the beauty of having a blog, nobody can tell you what to do! :D
      I'll be looking forward to recipes on your blog then, because I sure love cakes and stuff as well! :)


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