Monday, 10 November 2014

Braided Headband

I'm currently seated in my university's PC lab and I'm in need of a break from reading texts for my thesis, so naturally I thought hey, why not write a post in the meantime? So here I am!
As you can see today's topic is hair. Right now, I'm kind of unhappy with my hair because I'm due for a haircut - but since I don't know what exactly I want (other than "a change", haha) I have to somehow make it work until I've come to a decision.
A few days ago, I tried out a hairstyle that I could never do before because my hair has basically always been to short, and that is the braided headband. I think it looked really nice, and it was a different way to wear my hair down without having it just hanging there. Apologies for the weirdly angled pictures - I didn't realise how hard it was to take a picture of one's own head!
1. Part your hair whichever way you prefer - this works on a side part as well as on a middle part; if you have a fringe, that's also easily incorporated, so it's a really versatile hairstyle.
2. On both sides, take a strand behind your ear and braid it; secure the braid with a hair tie while you're busy braiding the other side.
3. When you're done, start draping one of the braids over your head and pin it to the other side - ideally somewhere in the region where the other braid starts. Use at least two or three bobby pins, otherwise it probably won't last very long; it should feel really secure.
4. Take your second braid and also drape it over the head so it lies next to your first braid to form this kind of double-braid headbeand you see on the pictures above. Secure it the same way you did with the first and try to hide the bobby pins under your first braid if you can.
5. I then made sure to fluff up the rest of my hair so it covers the areas where I pinned the braids down so it looked all neat and tidy - and that's it. Optional: Finish with a bit of hairspray to hold everything in place and keep flyaways at bay.
If you're a fast braider like I am, you can probably achieve this style in five minutes as long as you make sure you pin your braids into place securely - and I think it's just a nice twist to just having long(ish) hair just hanging there! :)

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