Saturday, 15 November 2014

Budget Buy: essence 175 "be berry now!" Nail Polish

Please excuse my cuticles, I know they look horrible ...

I've already mentioned essence nail polishes here and there before because they have a really great colour range and these colour & go polishes are only € 1,55 each, which is amazing. I have several of these, and yesterday I added the shade 175 "be berry now!" to my collection. 

As the name suggests, it's a beautiful berry colour perfect for Autumn without being a too dark purple or burgundy - it kind of reminds me of cranberries in a way. 

I think essence nail polishes are an amazing bargain, because even though they're so cheap, they aren't streaky at all and are pretty much opaque with two coats, which I think is pretty standard for any kind of nail polish. They also seem to last pretty long on my nails without chipping (even without top/base coat) which is great for lazy people like me! 

Next to the KIKO nail polish range, the essence one is one of my favourites - it's available in most drugstores in Austria and no matter which colour you have in mind, chances are pretty high that they have what you're looking for! :)


  1. The Essence polishes look great. I cannot believe that price - so affordable! I don't think I have seen essence here in the UK, but maybe it is hiding from me. I tend to go for the Max Factor colour effect mini polishes as I like to try different colours. I love this colour, you can never go wrong with berry in autumn :).

    1. They are awesome, they're so cheap you just cannot really go wrong! :D I think you do have essence in the UK, but it seems to slip my mind where you can get it - it hasn't been there for long though as far as I know, but the brand is branching out to a few more markets I think! :)
      Need to take a look at the MaxFactor ones, haven't really tried much besides one of their foundations (which I love) :)


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