Tuesday, 18 November 2014

London Beauty Wishlist

London Beauty Wishlist

My friend Dani is going to London on Thursday, and since I already have to take the blame for her own interest (such a euphemism, but I didn't want to call it "addiction" just yet...) in luxury brands, she'll visit Selfridges & Co. anyways - perfect opportunity for me to put together a little shopping list of things we can't get in Austria. This took me ages to put together, mainly because if I could, I would buy everything by NARS and Charlotte Tilbury, but unfortunately I'm still a poor student who has to be somewhat reasonable about investing money into makup - but oh well, let's call it an early Christmas present to myself? 

Charlotte Tilbury "Amazing Grace" Lipstick - It's taken me ages to decide which shade I want to get, because all of the Matte Revolution lipsticks look gorgeous and the formula is getting rave reviews everywhere! I deliberately didn't go for shades like Glastonberry or Love Liberty because these are the ones I naturally gravitate towards and already have in my collection anyways. Amazing Grace is leaning more towards the rosey nude department, something which my collection is lacking anyways! Alternatively, I'd also be really interested in Lost Cherry should my first pick be not available ... 

Soap & Glory Hand Food - We actually can get Soap & Glory in Austria (for Austrian/German readers: check douglas!), but it seems to be more expensive here and we also don't get these adorable travel sizes unfortunately. Hand Food just smells divine, and I just love the Soap & Glory packaging, so I'd love to stock up on my favourite hand cream. 

Soap & Glory Hand Maid - Hand Maid is one of the products we can't get at all in Austria, which is very sad because it's just the perfect antibacterial hand gel! It smells divine and not at all like these typical hand gels (I can't really describe the smell?), and everyone who takes public transport on a daily basis will know how practical these little bottles of hand gel are! My current bottle is practically empty, so I'm very much looking forward to get a new one!

NARS "Douceur" Blush - Bad news first: I've heard NARS are discontinuing this shade. This comes as a surprise to me because over the last years, I've heard/read so many people raving about this shade! It's a beautiful, neutral rosey-brown matte blush, so I hope that it's still available. In case it's not, I also have my eyes on Sin and Dolce Vita - totally different shades, but also gorgeous! 

Since NARS and Charlotte Tilbury are horribly expensive, I'm not even thinking about "ordering" more stuff; at the end of the day, I'd also like to have some food in my fridge by the end of the month! Sigh, to be rich ... 

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