Friday, 7 November 2014

Looking Polished: Minimal Makeup

As can be seen in my various Face of the Day posts, I do like to wear quite a lot of makeup. The process of sitting down, carefully choosing out what to wear on my eyes, cheeks and lips is something I really enjoy for two reasons: firstly, it's really relaxing to me, and secondly, I enjoy the creative aspect of it as well. 

I've made a promise to myself that November will be mostly dedicated to writing and finishing my MA thesis, so ideally I will be spending lots of time at my university's PC lab (way better work atmosphere than at home, computers with big screens and printers that actually work). Getting all dressed up with lots of makeup on my face seems a bit unnecessary when I have nobody to impress besides the computer screen.

So here's my take on a toned down makeup that still looks somewhat polished but only takes about ten minutes to apply:

BASE: Garnier BB Cream Light / KIKO Natural Concealer 02 / essence Translucent Powder 
CHEEKS:  KIKO Loud Night Bronzer (LE) 
EYES: KIKO Loud Night Bronzer (LE) / Catrice Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara 
BROWS: Catrice Eyebrow Filler 

The bronzer I used was unfortunately limited edition, but I think Maybelline for example do a bronzer/blush combination in one compact where you can either swirl the colours together or use them seperately. On my cheeks, I swirled the bronzing shade together with the peachy and the highlightery (? sorry guys, this is probably not a word) streak running through the compact; then, I also used the bronze shade alone as an eyeshadow to give a bit of definition to my eyes. I skipped lipstick altogether and concentrated on giving them a little break- they deserve it after all the vampyness that's usually going on ;) 

Any quick and easy products you can recommend for a minimal makeup day? :)


  1. I am impressed you got your routine down to ten minutes, I always feel like I am rushing last minute to put my makeup on which is annoying as it is my favourite part of getting ready - like you say it's relaxing and creative! What do you think of the Kiko Natural Concealer? Do you prefer it over the Maybelline Fit Me concealer? I am still deciding what concealer to try next!

    1. It's only ten minutes if I do the "bare minimum" that I described in the post, haha. On days were I actually meet people I definitely take longer- I've been known to skip breakfast so I have more time for my makeup! I know that's terrible but I'm not good at eating breakfast anyways :D

      I like the KIKO concealer (there should be a post on it somewhere here), and I think it is similar to the Maybelline Fit me in texture and opacity, but unless the KIKO one is on offer go for Maybelline - you get way more product with Maybelline! :)


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