Tuesday, 25 November 2014

New Hair

To end a boring day that was all about thesis writing, let's talk about hair!
So after weeks of dragging it out because I actually hate spending time and money on going to the hairdresser's, I finally got a haircut. I got some of my dead/split ends chopped off and had some layers added (especially in the front), and that's about it. It's not a huge change, I know, but I'm still a lot happier with my hair than I was before.

I was also itching to change up my hair colour a little bit, and since my hair is already pretty dark (I've been dyeing it a dark brown shade for a while now), there wasn't much room to play with colours. What I could do however was adding a reddish tint to my hair - something that I haven't done in years because once dyed, it's pretty hard for me to get rid of the red when I don't enjoy it anymore, which I think is due to the fact that my hair naturally has a lot of red pigment. When I was a kid, my hair was actually reddish blonde - nowadays, my natural hair colour is way more boring, I like to refer to it as grey. 

Anyways, I pretty much sponanteously decided to get rid of my roots and change up the tone of my hair colour slightly and dyed it a dark reddish brown; as you can see, my roots turned out a bit brighter than the rest since they were much lighter to start with, but I actually like the look it gives. I used the Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse Permanent Foam Color in 388 Dark Red - it doesn't make a mess and it's easy to apply to your hair by yourself, I've been using it for years now! (Keep in mind that if you have thick hair that's below shoulderlength, you should probably use two boxes of this to make sure you have enough dye to colour all your hair!)

I'm quite happy with that little change-up; I was a bit worried that a reddish tone in my hair would clash horribly with all my pink and violet lipsticks, but since it's pretty subtle, I think it's totally fine to carry on wearing them - I'm wearing a lot of pink in the pictures (the lipstick is Flat Out Fabulous by MAC), judge for yourself! :D

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