Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Recipe: Bacon and Egg Toast Cups

So I'm back with another recipe, and this time it's a breakfast/brunch idea I totally stole from Everyday Food, not gonna lie. It's so easy and a cool twist on regular bacon and eggs though, so I thought I'd share! (Obviously, if you're a vegetarian who does eats eggs, make them without bacon and they'll still gonna be delicious, I promise.)

Ingredients (for one cup):

1 slice of toast
1 egg
1-2 strips of bacon
salt, pepper and chives
+ a buttered muffin tin to bake them in

Other than having a very short and straightforward ingredient list, these bacon and egg toast cups are ridiculously easy to assemble as well:

1. Butter your muffin tins for whatever number of cups you want to make.
2. Make sure to press down/flatten your toast slices beforehand so they become a little more pliable and fit easier into the rounded shape of the tins.
3. Line your muffin tins with your slices of toast - don't worry if the edges of the the bread are sticking out, it's just going to get really crunchy and delicious while baking.
4. Add one or two strips of bacon; again, if the ends stick out of the cup, it's only going to be really crunchy and yummy at the end.
5. Crack an egg into the center and hope that it doesn't overflow too much ;) (It really depends on how large your eggs are, but don't worry, it's not horribly messy even if it does overflow a bit.)
6. Bake for about 20 minutes at 200 °C until the egg whites are set.
7. Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper, and some chives if you're feeling fancy, scoop them out of their tin and enjoy! :)

I love making these cups because they look so fancy and require so little effort and ingredients! The only downside really is the 20 minutes of baking time - if you're really hungry while making these, having to wait for 20 minutes really can be torture, I speak from experience! :D


  1. Great recipe, thanks for sharing it! I can't believe how simple they are to make but yet look so professional. I have eggs in the fridge so these are definitely being made this Saturday as a fancy lunchtime treat :).

    1. I love that they look so fancy yet they require so little effort to make! :D And anything I can eat without using cutlery is bound to become one one of my favourite things anyway.. so practical! :)


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