Thursday, 27 November 2014

Review: Charlotte Tilbury "Amazing Grace" Matte Revolution Lipstick

If you're a regular reader, you might remember my London Beauty Wishlist from last week - lucky for me, my friend Dani was able to get all of the things I desired (even though obviously, I was prepared and had backup options ...), which now makes me the happy owner of my very first Charlotte Tilbury product: the Matte Revolution lipstick in Amazing Grace

I've mentioned this before, but the reason why I opted for this particular shade was that after studying numerous swatch posts of the whole Matte Revolution line, I wanted to go for something that was different to everything else in my collection - and as we all now, I normally prefer bright  or dark lip colours; a shade like Amazing Grace was definitely missing from my collection! Also, when I'm spending that much money on a single lipstick, I want to be sure it's a shade I will get a lot of wear out of. I was wearing it yesterday when I met a couple of friends, and they all agreed that it's a pretty wearable shade that would suit a lot of different complexions - so I would say this shade is definitely one of these "suits a lot people and situations" kinda colour!

The texture really is amazing - it glides effortlessly onto the lips and as you can see on the picture above, there is no issue with flaking or emphasising dry patches or any of these pesky problems us lipstick lovers have to deal with sometimes. Since it such an easy shade to wear, I also find there is no real need for lining your lips - since it's basically matte, this lipstick doesn't have a tendency to bleed, it just stays in place as it's supposed to. 

I was also impressed with the longevity. I applied it yesterday morning when I was doing the rest of my makeup, and I was very happy to see that it didn't budge after haven two bowls of soup for lunch! For a lipstick that is pretty light shade-wise (especially in comparison to my other lipsticks), the staying power really is impressive.

Obviously, I have to add that the beautiful packaging adds some bonus points - a vintage-looking, rose gold bullet with an embossed "CT" on top? Yesss. So pretty.

I can't speak for the whole line of course (I wish), but Amazing Grace is definitely a great addition to my lipstick collection and I can only recommendn checking this shade out! Although what I can say is that I've seen Dani wearing Lost Cherry yesterday, which looked stunning as well - and she's also told me she is very happy with her choice, so that might also be a shade to keep in mind next time you have the change to swatch some Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks!


  1. I really thought it would give such a different color on the lips! It is still quite lovely though, just expected it a bit more plum-ish

    Melane | Pure Perspective

    1. Hey Melane,
      That's probably because it's sooo overcast and grey outside these days, so I don't get a lot of natural lighting for photographs - the lip swatch is really similar to how it looks in the bullet though, so the actual pics of the lipstick is probably a bit misleading in this case, sorry for that! Kinda annoyed with it myself!

  2. This looks really lovely, good choice in colour :). It really does look like it would suit most people. It actually looks a lot bolder in the bullet than it does on the lips, or is that just me? I am glad that it doesn't bleed and has good lasting power!

    I haven't got any Charlotte Tilbury products yet, but have been wanting to try out the lipsticks and lip pencils for what feels like ages!

    1. Thanks, I'm really pleased with it as well! :D
      Yep, as I just answered to Melane's comment, in this case it's unfortunately the crappy lighting that makes it look so much darker, it really isn't that different in reality - apologies!

      I'm kind of happy that I don't have access to Charlotte Tilbury and NARS all year around or I would probably spend way too much money on their stuff! :D .. that Lip Cheat lipliner that everyone is obsessed with seems to be amazing though!

    2. Sorry just saw your comment above about the colour (didn't refresh my page), glad the lip swatch is similar to what it is in the bullet, it looks lovely :)

    3. No worries, I think you were commenting and I was replying at the same time, it happens! :) x


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