Saturday, 1 November 2014

Review: KIKO Velvet Touch Cream Stick Blush 06 Geranium

By now, you probably know how the story goes: I ventured to the KIKO store and got some stuff! It's fascinating because everytime I go there, I do discover something new I want to try out, so it definitely wasn't my last trip either. 

I got three things: two lipliners - more on those in a future post - and a cream blush stick in the style of the NARS multiples, but for a fraction of the price (7,90€ vs. ~ 39€). I've never really been a big fan of cream blushes that come in a pan, because I find that after a while, they just become really gross from dipping dirty brushes and fingers into it all the time. Still, I like the natural finish a cream blush gives, so I though I'd give it a try. 

I bought the shade 06 Geranium, which I would describe as a neutral peach- my apologies, because it looks a bit more orange than it actually is on the swatch above. Application is pretty easy and straightforward: just dot a bit of the colour directly onto your face and blend with your fingers. I find that it needs to be layered in order to show up properly on the skin, but I think that's a good thing- by building up the product, you have total control of how much you actually put onto your cheeks. 

Once applied, it blends easily into the skin and leaves a very natural looking finish. The shade I picked is matte, but from what I've seen in the KIKO store there's a number of different shades and also finishes (8 in total plus 2 additional highlighting shades) to choose from. On the pictures above, I am wearing 06 Geranium on both my cheeks and my lips- it's actually a beautiful lip colour as well and I would love to have a lipstick in this exact shade, because it's a kind of nude that I adore!

Due to the the ease of application, the "no mess" packaging and obviously the price, I can recommend the KIKO Velvet Touch Cream Stick blushes, and I will definitely look into a few of the other shades when I get the chance- I'm very interested in the highlighting shades in particular!

Do you like cream blush? What's your favourite?

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