Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sunday Roundup: #21

Happy Sunday everyone! I guess since tomorrow is the 1st of December, the Christmas countdown has officially begun now - at least that's my reasoning for putting a festive little picture at the top of this post ...


Tuesday: I finally got a little haircut and dyed my hair, so naturally I was very excited and wanted to share that with you in Tuesday's post! 
Thursday: I am the proud owner of my first Charlotte Tilbury product now - the Matte Revolution lipstick in Amazing Grace! If you want to take a closer look, here's a review! 
Saturday: Since the seasons are already changing again, I had to do another playlist post - this time it's all about Winter and Christmas

Unfortunately this weekend was a bit of a fail because it seems like I'm getting a cold (I never get sick ...) so I didn't do much besides lounging around on the couch, drinking tea and stuffing myself with delicious home-cooked food from my mum. In other words, it was very uneventful and I have nothing to tell you! 

(I did realise however that I totally forgot to put together my November favourites post, so I am going to think about that after I publish this post and hopefully get it up very soon!)

I still hope you all had a nice weekend that maybe was a little more eventful than mine! 

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