Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Vampy Lipliners: KIKO Autmatic Precision Lipliners in 512 and 515

Last Saturday I already posted about the KIKO cream blush stick I got, and now it's time to talk about the other two items I picked up the same day: vampy lipliners

If you have seen my (MAC) lipstick collection posts (1 | 2 | 3), you know that I have accumulated quite a lot darkish, vampy lip colours ranging from plums to burgundys- I love a statement lip, and in 8 times out of 10, I prefer wearing a dark lipstick to eyeliner. 

I got another KIKO lipliner not to long ago that was part of the Daring Game LE, the Ace of Diamond lipliner in 27 Refined Burgundy and was blown away by the quality, so I wanted to give the lipliners of the regular line a try as well. 

First of all, I love the design of them- similar to the Ace of Diamond one, they come with the twisty bit at the end so you don't need to use a sharpener when the tip gets to short/dull. Nevertheless, they still have a tiny little sharpener built into the end of the pencil as well- I must admit I haven't tried it out yet because I find with these twisty lipliners, there's really no need to sharpen much, but it's a cool additional featre to have. Lastly, at the very end of the liners, there is a little rubbery smudging tool attached (see picture 2) which comes in handy for blending out the colour if you're filling in your whole lip. 

Apart from the design, the lipliner itself does a good job lining the lips and I'm happy with the result it gives. If you want to fill in your whole lips however, it needs to be adressed that you either have to moisturise your lips very, very well before you do because these lipliners are very dry and do tug on the lips- I know this is a very common feature of lipliners however, but I have worked with creamier ones before, the Ace of Diamond lipliner being a great example actually. The smudging tool does help with filling in your lips, but I still find it looked rather patchy- they're definitely not the kinds of lipliners that you can wear on their own, even though I think they work just fine for lining the lips or filling them in plus wearing a lipstick over it (as I've done in the last picture). 

There is 16 shades to choose from in total- they range from very light neutrals and soft pinks to more bright fuchsias and reds to the more vampy shades that I purchased; so basically, you should be able to find a liner that fits your needs as long as you stay in the traditional range of lip colours and aren't looking for a green lipliner (hey, if you can pull that off, more power to you, I think that's awesome!). 


6/10 - They're absolutely doing their job for just lining the lips and to on smoothly enough, plus the packaging really appeals to me. They lose a few points however because of the extreme dryness when you want to fill in your whole lips; still, I will definitely be using them and for 5,90€, I'll say they're reasonably priced. 

Any lipliners (other than MAC) that you could recommend? :)

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