Saturday, 29 November 2014

Winter / Christmas Playlist

I have to confess right here at the beginning of this post that I'm a little bit of a grinch. A lot of bloggers (and non-bloggers alike, obviously) are already getting into a really festive spirit and are happily counting down until Christmas ... unfortunately, that's just not me. Five years of working retail in one of the busiest shops in one of the busiest shopping streets in Vienna has taken its toll, and the Christmas spirit is buried very, very deep down in one of the corners of my mind.

Since this is the first time in five years that I won't be working in retail around Christmas time, I will try to de-grinchy-fy (yes, I typed it, now it's a word.) and get into the festive spirit (I'm sure my friend Pezi will be delighted when she reads this), so I thought the best way to start was to share my Winter/Christmas playlist with you all!

As always with my playlist posts, these songs are not your typical Jingle Bells and Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree kind of songs, some of them might even seem a bit misplaced for some of you - but hey, music is all about subjectivity! These are just the songs I associate with Winter and/or Christmas ...

(Yes, after at least three of these playlist posts I figured out that spotify makes it really easy for you to share playlists with other people! Better late than never, right? :D)

I wish you guys a calm December, filled with lots of delicious food and the company of your family and friends - don't let the crazy holiday shoppers get you down! 


  1. I am glad you can try to get back in to the festive spirit. I can understand the mayhem that is retail at Christmas time! I like the different playlist to the usual festive tunes, I am not one to listen to the festive tunes either. I tend to listen to different types of music depending on my mood. Spotify is great for sharing, though it is a shame you can't get Taylor Swift on there at the moment, so will have to stick to youtube for my pop music fix.

    1. I do like all the nice things Christmas implies - like spending time with friends and family and eating lots of cookies, but the whole consumerism thing is really something that I hate - not that I'm not a part of it, everyone buys presents and tends to get really hectic, but still .. meh! :D
      I really don't like "classic" Christmas music so it's all about what fits the mood for me! :)
      Haha when I wanted to check out Taylor's new album I was sooo annoyed it wasn't available on spotify anymore, but oh well .. as you said, there's still youtube! :)


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