Tuesday, 2 December 2014

November Favourites

I know I'm late with my November favourites, and I wish I had remembered to type this post sooner, but I forgot. Shame on me, I'll try to be better at the end of December - we'll see how that turns out ... but for now, let's move on to my favourites!

# Real Techniques Buffing Brush: Everyone and their mother loves the RT Buffing Brush for foundation (and rightly so!), but this past month I really started getting into using this gem as a contour brush (the regular RT Contour Brush is too small for chubby face), which works really well in combination with the Sleek Contour Kit! Just make sure to not pick up too much contour powder with this one unless you want to attempt a drag look (which is also cool!) ...

# Essence be berry now! Nail Polish: I've posted about this nail polish very recently, and it has also made it into my November favourites for the sole reason of it basically not leaving my nails since I got it. I really get into a habit of sticking with the same polish for weeks after I've bought a new one, but the shade of this is truly gorgeous!

# Catrice Illuminating Blush "I Am Nuts About You": Again, I just typed up a whole post on this because I really love the shade for this time of year and used it a lot in November - so I recommend checking out my full review, since it has much better pictures of it as well. (Can you tell I'm having lighting issues because of the weather right now?!)

# Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick "Amazing Grace": Yes, I know. I've only had this for about a week and I've thrown it into my favourites. Well, sue me but this shade is just gorgeous and I love wearing it! Also, for everyone who has been wondering why the lipstick looked so dark/different in my review: lighting issues, I'm so sorry. On the pictures above, it's much more true to the actual colour in the bullet, I hope that helps! 

# Catrice Liquid Metal Gel Eye Pencil "050 Hazel the Hoff": I just lol'd at the name of this, I haven't checked it before! I think I have four of these Catrice Gel Eye Pencils now, because they're just awesome in terms of application and staying power - so easy to use and such a great effect! This particular shade is my newest addition to the bunch and is a metallic brown which looks super-nice if you prefer a softer eyeliner look over the dramatic black cat eye. 

# Catrice Glamour Doll Curl & Volume Mascara: I really like the Glamour Doll mascaras (there's 3 different ones), I previously tried the original one which I also really liked, so I thought I'd give the Curl & Volume version a go, and I have to say I really like it! In combination with an eyelash curler, this really does give a nice effect in terms of volume, so for about 4€, I'm very happy with this. 

# H&M scarf: Honourable mention would be my H&M scarf which all the other items are so nicely draped on - it's at least three years old so I'm afraid this exact one won't be available anywhere, but it's basically a really soft, huge scarf that feels like a blanket wrapped around your neck; so it's perfect for the colder months. I only just rediscovered this in my wardrobe, but I've been wearing it constantly because it works with a lot of my clothes (and makeup)! 

And that's it for my November favourites! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to work my way through all the unread November favourites posts lined up in my bloglovin' feed - that's probably going to take a while! 

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  1. The Catrice eye pencil looks really nice, I am not sure whether I can get Catrice hear in the UK, but I am going to have to have a google. I love the variety of eye pencils available these days. I cant be without my Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal pencil. I really like the scarf too. I am the same as you, I usually discover an old one in the depths of my wardrobe and fall back in love with it.


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